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Roll Releases Social Token Memberships and Staking Tools 💫

At the start of this category we wrote about the concept of User-Generated Capital, where the content we consume (NFTs) and the community we engage with (DAOs, social tokens) will each begin to create their own capital.  We wrote about this new UGC having the unique purpose of upgrading the relationship between creator and user; from […]

Kick Off The Fall Crypto SZN in Style 🏈

👋 Rollers, Well the crypto summer didn’t end up staying as hot as the temperatures! That’s okay because we’re kicking off the fall season in style., We’ve got major SEC rulings that are bound to have ripple effects throughout the ecosystem. There are some major advancements in the adoption of Web3 by major players. More […]

Don’t Let Crypto Summer Slip Away

👋 Rollers, Major players $ETH and $BTC have remained relatively stable as we slipped away into August. Is this a recurring pattern? Will we continue to see both treading water as we close out the hottest crypto summer on record? With regulatory oversight coming from many different angles sideways movement could be the norm. New […]

The Impact of UX on Social Token Adoption

Social tokens are becoming popular in the Web3 space, allowing users to invest and participate in communities. As social tokens continue to grow, it’s vital to keep in mind the role of user experience (UX) in driving adoption.  These tokens empower creators to monetize their online presence, giving them greater autonomy while providing their followers […]

Can Web3 Summer Keep Bringing the Heat? ☀️🔥

👋 Rollers, Hope you’re having a good summer. Headlines have been sizzling like some of the record high temperatures we’ve seen across the globe. There’s legal decisions that will shape the crypto landscape, we’ve got pioneering AI deals. There’s a whole lot to share. We’ve been hosting amazing Twitter Spaces, featuring a whole array of […]

Web3 Fireworks 🎇

👋 Rollers, While the crypto markets may have gone flat, the US economy showcased strong growth as of late. This has sparked optimism that the bear market could be creeping to a close. Additionally, the latest Bitcoin ETF news has positively impacted $BTC’s price, keeping the crypto staple above $30K. Meanwhile here at Roll, we’ve […]

Token Tide: Riding the Wave of Web3 This Summer

👋 Rollers, Catch the crypto wave this summer and you too can be sitting on top of the world! 🌎 School’s out for summer! And the living is easy, especially if you’re a Bitcoin holder these last few days. We’ve got a lot to cover in this issue with some major major collabs going down […]

☀️Sunny Horizons: Navigating the June Journey of Web3

👋 Rollers, As we step into the month of June, embracing the spirit of Pride, we honor the vibrant and diverse creators here at Roll. Every month we pay tribute to the incredible talent and creativity that thrives in Web3. From amazing collabs to groundbreaking innovations, we highlight the voices and stories that make the […]

Crypto Simplified: Liquidity, Staking, & Success Stories

Hi, Rollers! 👋🎲 Today, we’ll explore two popular terms in the cryptocurrency universe: liquidity and staking. If you’ve ever wondered, “What is staking in crypto” or “What are staking rewards?” then this post is for you. Unraveling Liquidity in Cryptocurrency Before diving into staking, it’s essential to understand liquidity. In the crypto world, liquidity is […]