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👋 Rollers,

While the crypto markets may have gone flat, the US economy showcased strong growth as of late. This has sparked optimism that the bear market could be creeping to a close. Additionally, the latest Bitcoin ETF news has positively impacted $BTC’s price, keeping the crypto staple above $30K.

Meanwhile here at Roll, we’ve been hard at work building exciting tools for the future of the Internet. We’ve been keeping things under the hood but can’t wait to share our exciting developments with you soon. The future is looking bright.

In this issue we have a little bit of it all. There’s our VP of Product and Operations, Ellie Li, presenting at the Web3 Creator Summit. There’s emerging and innovative projects from our Roll creators. This issue is packed with the vibrancy of the entire Roll Web3 Ecosystem. Let’s dive in.

Who’s on a Roll 👀

1️⃣ Nasdaq joined BlackRock and Fidelity in the filing for a Bitcoin ETF. The most recent filing on BlackRock’s part sees a surveillance-sharing agreement with Coinbase added to the mix, after SEC concerns with Blackrock’s first filing. With at least 8 different issuers now racing for approval, the fight for a Bitcoin ETF listing is intensifying. SEC responses are expected in August and September, with the final deadlines ranging from December 2023 to March of 2024. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on any developments during this exciting time for crypto!

2️⃣ Big news for gamers. Gaming giant Ubisoft is venturing into the blockchain space. The force behind the Assassin Creed franchise, is developing a title “Champion Tactics” for it’s Web3 gaming debut. The innovative game will be a Player vs Player RPG experience. The title will be powered by the Oasys blockchain which is fully decentralized and features zero gas fees. Ubisoft is a HUGE name in the gaming world, will their Web3 investment pay off? We’ll bring you all the updates.

3️⃣ Looks like AI will be Grammy eligible after all, sort of. The Grammys clarified their position on AI produced tracks recently. Tracks containing AI-created elements can be considered for nomination, but the AI portion itself will not receive a Grammy. The Academy is doing this to ensure that technology enhances human creativity, rather than replace it. As AI’s influence grows, artists like Grimes continue to embrace this new technology. As the industry keeps exploring AI’s role in music we’ll bring you whatever evolution happens next.

Sands of Creativity, a $RUSH of Innovation

Sand Rush ($RUSH) and their team of highly skilled artists and devs stopped by our Twitter Spaces recently. Sand Rush is a production studio that specializes in creating custom, immersive spaces inside of the Metaverse. With years of building in the Sandbox, the team has crafted a variety of tools that help the design process for all.

Sand Rush works closely with their clients and builders, to offer a personalized, hands on approach, tailored to each unique idea and vision. The team helps bring designs to life that are highly detailed and optimized for ever-growing virtual environments. The team at Sand Rush is excited to help bring your vision to life. Spear-headed by two friends with years of experience in the space, Sand Rush are open to any and all ideas!

With a vibrant community, based around the $RUSH token, there’s plenty to do! From the tools that are being shared to improve workflow efficiency to feedback from fellow community members, the Sand Rush community continues to grow. $RUSH over to be a part of it!

A Social Staking Moment

We’re proud to introduce $NOOD, the meme coin standard! Centered around Noodles the Dog, the ultimate meme coin enthusiast, this stealth launch had no presale! 5% of the circulation is staked, while the other 95% is put into the $NOOD liquidity pool. The focus of this token is on building a community. There’s no hand outs for influencers here. You can start your journey into the NOODverse buy swapping some ETH for NOOD on Uniswap using any Web3 Wallet!

$NOOD has chosen Roll Staking for their staking contract. Enjoy the benefits of permissionless staking and join the community’s growth! Earn rewards by contributing to the success of $NOOD through Roll Staking! Join us on this exciting journey.

Who’s ready for a sizzling summer? Akita DAO is heating things up by offering incredible rewards through Roll Staking. Participants have a chance to win their share of 20,000,000,000 $AKITA and 100,000 $HACHI.

The Dog Days of Summer event is currently underway. It runs through September 1st, allowing you to withdraw tokens whenever you wish and claim rewards at your convenience. Follow the instructions on Twitter to get started.

There’s even an art contest on the horizon for additional prizes! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The New Creator Economy 🌐

Ellie Li, Roll’s VP of Product and Operations, delivered an insightful presentation at the Wishu.Io Web3 Creator Summit. Her presentation explored the evolving role of money, emphasizing the concept of community as a digital asset. In the Web3 era, creators have opportunities to leverage their communities and utilize web3 mechanisms to shape the future of Internet communities. You can catch the replay here!

The summit featured 16 engaging presentations over 2 days. Topics ranged from “The Future of NFTs”, to “Generative AI in Art: Friend or Foe” and more. It was a huge success! The conference reached 2,000 attendees dedicated to learning more about trending topics in the Web3 space. A huge impact was made across Twitter, with over 2 million impressions and 5,000 mentions. This is a conference to add to your watchlist for sure.

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

Introducing the latest project from the mind of $MELON, Sgt. Slaughtermelon – Hack.OS. It’s a crafted collection inspired by the cult classic, “Hackers.” The pixel art and rich metadata capture each scene, character, and prop in the movie. The project aims to create a totally immersive experience for fans of the film. The time researching and categorizing details of the film was done in the name of providing a meaningful and balanced scarcity to the project. It’s through this process that the metadata for Hack.OS is an art form that goes further than most collections.

This is an amazing chance to discovery the art of metadata by diving into one of the most beloved tech films of all time. Jump in, trust your $MELON.

Serc, the visionary behind the successful NUDE x GM collaborations we’ve been talking about is taking things to the next level. He’s now curating a Super Rare Space that will be entirely dedicated to Nude Photography. He’s inviting collaborators to join him on this groundbreaking project. If you’re passionate about the art form, or know someone who is, head over to Serc’s Twitter for all the details. Take advantage of this opportunity to contribute to the evolution of the art form and Web3, all from the world of $SERC.

SupDucks and $STRONK are kicking things up a notch. Not only do they have a new merch release. But the SupDucks lore is about to get another chapter written as Queen Quetzal will awaken after 2,000 years. Only KingFrogs can tame her glory.

Will you be one of the already 237 enlisted KingFrogs to enter the Great Battle. Legend foretells that only one KingFrog will survive! Will it be yours?

Prepare for Battle and Glory with the SupDucks. Only one KingFrog may survive but all will be rewarded!

$AR is opening a window into the World of Web3. Window.AR is an innovative project that combines Google Earth and augmented reality to create augmented windows showcasing breathtaking scenes from all around the world. As a collector of Window.AR you’ll receive motion art NFTs minted on the ETH blockchain, allowing holders digital artwork that transports them to different locations. Additionally, Windows.AR offers prints of your window with AR activation built in. Allowing you to bring the beauty of these windows to life in your physical space as well. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Window.AR.

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

Introducing CRYPJ, the latest token from Roll. From the mind of CryptoJeter, a renowned community builder and connector in the Web3 space with an awesome newsletter. Discover, learn, and gain actionable insights on emerging Web3 startups and crypto moments. Make sure to give CryptoJeter’s article about Roll a spin!

Announcements 📣

The Social Token Research Lab 🧪
Attention social token enthusiasts!

The Social Token Research Lab still has some openings. Our initiative to build top-notch, sustainable products puts you, the user, first. Want to test the latest version of our products and give feedback? Join the Lab and earn $5 for each feature tested.

If you’re a Roll product veteran and want in on the action, sign up here – bit.ly/roll-lab.

We’ll hit you up for an interview. Let’s take social tokens to the next level together.

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