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Hope you’re having a good summer. Headlines have been sizzling like some of the record high temperatures we’ve seen across the globe. There’s legal decisions that will shape the crypto landscape, we’ve got pioneering AI deals. There’s a whole lot to share.

We’ve been hosting amazing Twitter Spaces, featuring a whole array of artists. We’ll dive into some Web3 solutions for the Hollywood strike, as we empower creators to take more ownership of their IP.

Celebrate Obey’s new release, the birthday of Bad Crypto Podcast, and Studio Nouveau’s awe-inspiring AI project, Iconomorphs. We’ll shine a spotlight on Osinachi’s art with a well deserved IRL feature in NYC. We’ll extend a warm welcome to Xander, the newest member of the Roll family. He’s on a mission to educate others about the intriguing future of Web3.

It’s a great issue, so let’s dive in.

Who’s on a Roll 👀

1️⃣ In a landmark ruling last week, $XRP was declared NOT a security. This decision brings hope for more regulatory clarity on crypto as a whole from the SEC. Upon the news, $XRP has swiftly returned to exchanges. This regulatory fight is far from over, as this ruling will no doubt impact the SEC’s case against other platforms. We’ll make sure to keep you informed as the crypto ecosystem continues to navigate these exciting yet challenging times.

2️⃣ The Associated Press and OpenAI have inked a groundbreaking two-year deal, marking the first-ever partnership between a major US news company and an AI firm. This collab has AP gaining access to OpenAI’s cutting-edge tech and product expertise. OpenAI gains licensing rights to tap into AP’s extensive text archive dating back to 1985. OpenAI believes this access will help bolster their algorithms and enhance the capabilities and utility of their AI models. We’ll make sure to keep bringing you all the developments from the rising world of AI.

3️⃣ Apple is reportedly developing its own generative AI tool, codenamed “Ajax,” in an effort to rival OpenAI. The company is creating a sophisticated large language model and an internal chatbot. No consumer release strategy has yet to be defined. Apple is expected to make an AI-related announcement next year. As others have leaped into the AI pool, Apple has remained quiet until now. Is this a smart move on Apple’s point? We’ll bring you the future of Ajax as it comes.

Explore the Intersection of Art and AI

Dive into our captivating Twitter Spaces conversation with Pindar Van Arman. Pindar is an innovative artist who has harnessed the power of neural networks and computational creativity.

Witness the remarkable evolution of his painting robots. They paint in various styles and make independent aesthetic decisions.

While the robots demonstrate some level of creativity, Van Arman emphasizes that he’s the artist behind the creation. Discover how he pushes the boundaries of AI and art. He’s combining algorithms to achieve ridiculously creative results.

Listen as we ponder the question of whether machines can truly be artists and delve into the future of art. The crypto art world is evolving, allowing anyone to express their artistic vision with tools like MidJourney. The line is being even further blurred between what is and isn’t an artist.

The New Creator Economy 🌐

As Hollywood continues its strike the problems with the Web2 economy of streaming take center stage. The Hollywood strike illustrates a need for a Web3 solution. Studios and streaming giants are micromanaging and sidelining filmmakers, actors, and directors. This needs to change.

Projects like cutting-edge media rights management platform, Greenlit, are trying to address industry inefficiencies that are the center of the strike. Their platform offers tools to secure the management of legally binding IP rights. They have those rights embedded into NFTs. By marrying the two, Greenlit is offering monetization through licensing and distribution. All on-chain.

This would allow for better management of royalty payouts. A crucial issue that is seeing Hollywood grind to a halt. It’s a real-world illustration of how Web3 can solve a problem affecting people all over the globe.

Another way to ensure more ownership over work is a project like Left House ($LEFT) that puts authenticity at the heart of their community. Their artist led community funds projects like “Life on a Train”, a documentary about rail travel in the United States. The community allows artists to capture the stories they choose to share, and retain rights to them. All without a big studio interfering or constraining their work.

With Hollywood on strike, where will entertainment come from?

Animation is a strong bet to rebound. It’s where Web3 can shine. A project like Hangry Animals ($FOOD) could be one of many on the rise. Their Hangryverse is an IP universe where viewers and holders participate in community-driven events to drive the storyline of the project. Their colorful, edgy animal/human hybrid characters each have a chance to audition to be the face of the franchise. Your NFT could land the leading role, turning you into a star. This level of fan engagement is something you’d only find in the movies. In the Web3 film movement, it’s front and center.

Any of these projects could not only supplement what is missing during the Hollywood strike but also establish a more equitable industry overall. The embrace of innovation allows actors, filmmakers, and content creators to regain more control over their work. It also allows a direct dialogue with fans, and commands a sense of shared ownership and success. It’s a total no brainer. Web3 is the answer to the Hollywood strike.

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

The mastermind behind Obama’s iconic HOPE poster is back with the latest from OBEY Giant($OBEY). This 19 x 28 inch hand-painted, limited edition piece is a classic. It comes complete with a Versiart Digital Certificate of Authenticity.

Even better? A portion of the proceeds from this mint will support Brave New Films. So grab a piece of art, and history, before they’re all gone!

Can you believe it! The Bad Crypto Podcast($HERO), the first podcast to ever mention NFTs, is turning 6! Six years of blockchain brilliance, crypto craziness, and yes, irresistible bad dad jokes.

They’ve minted over 1.5 million NFTs, chatted with countless industry leaders, and never miss an opportunity to rock at a conference. Always ahead of the curve, they’ve stayed “bad” in the best possible way. Happy birthday!

Studio Nouveau’s($SNV) latest grand-scale series, Iconomorphs, is a fascinating exploration of AI-generated art. It all starts with one source image: Icon Alpha, the Unmorphed. What follows? A stunning array of AI-transformed creations, each a snapshot of a different universe, timeline, or era.

Dubbed an “abstract multiverse narrative,” this series isn’t just art, it’s a journey into infinite possibilities. Crafted from their own 3D sculptures, these works aren’t just aesthetically pleasing – they’re a revolutionary expression in the digital art realm.

Join in the latest artistic chapter of Studio Nouveau, with Iconomorphs, the art world will never be the same!

Bursting onto the scene in 2018, Osinachi ($OSINA) has quickly become a force in the NFT art world. Now, his work is getting its deserved spotlight in New York City, thanks to SuperRare.

Last year, he was on CoinDesk’s Most Influential list, and with his belief in the power of decentralization, it’s not hard to see why. Always seeking collabs, Osinachi believes no NFT artist should create in total isolation.

Catch his work in NYC. The future of NFT art is here and now.

Featured Artists from Twitter Spaces

The latest Roll Twitter Space “Shill & Chill” is dedicated to featuring artists and projects from across the crypto space. Focused mainly on international creators, the first two episodes have been smashing success.

Artists have included:

  • George Boya – collage artist who has made the leap to digital art with captivating creations.
  • Mpozzecco – abstract artist who was determined to make it after going 9 months without a sale. In the last 6 months, over 1K in sales!
  • Abtin – a mother led account, dedicated to the art of her son. Monsters and dragons that will leave you in a sense of childlike wonder.
  • IrinaStepArt – a VR artist who creates immersive worlds, that she pours her energy into. Her work transports you to another dimension.
  • Legendao – a captivating NFT project built on Secret Network. They also stopped by last week for a Spaces!
  • Samira – a 3D voxel artist who embraces the chaos and disorder in the beauty of her work.
  • Amin – a collage artist who wants to share experiences and emotions through his art.
  • Bonniee – a unique blend of architecture, digital art, and AI in these new places that Bonniee creates. Her project allows expression of her inner child and shadow work.
  • RageOfPotato – a crypto artist from India on a journey of self expression.
  • ArtAtBest – embracing imperfection with a collection of unique circular pieces that look to break the perfectionism cycle one mint at a time.
  • Behboud Karimi – a detailed pencil drawing artist.
  • PixieGalexy – an architect-lawyer-artist, who’s experimenting with burning mechanics on his latest drop.
  • Miaka Yiala – aiming to show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes with her art
  • NSD Spatial – with her take on the solar phenomenon surrounding King Ramsesses.
  • MagicMeowMages – with a NFT project to teach folks about the world of Ethscriptions all centered around magical kitties.
  • Pinwheel by Inghoca – who is seeking to share some of their childhood dreams and nostalgia with the world through 2D and 3D pinwheels.
  • Minas Sanim – sharing African culture and expression in some truly beautiful work.
  • Lightyshut – showing off her photography born out of a passion for make up and cosplay.
  • MAYUdrops NFTs – a husband and wife team dedicated to perfecting their abstract water drop collection.
  • Corina Obertas – a photographer looking to strike a balance between the commercial and artistic worlds, all through food.
  • Friikki Skulls – a collection of 10K skeletons with 214 different traits
  • Farzane Mansouri –  a photographer who wants to transport you to a different world, one photograph and edit at a time
  • ShelbyExchange – a web3 filmmaker, sharing his work in TV and film all on-chain
  • MMendie – a talented fashion designer who wants to help others get involved in the industry, but they need help!

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

Jump head first into the Metaverse with $STRX from XSTREAM. He’s a streamer who’s been educating users on safe NFT trading since 2018.

Acting like a community-guided DAO, it’s the pulse of the people in every decision. And the captain of this ship? A dedicated streamer and blockchain explorer for a long time. He’ll help guide you with some amazing insight.

We’re excited to be partners on this amazing journey!

Required Tweeting

Catch up with the artists who are making our latest Twitter Spaces, Shill & Chill, a huge success. Every Wednesday on Twitter, catch the buzz!

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