Don’t Let Crypto Summer Slip Away

👋 Rollers, Major players $ETH and $BTC have remained relatively stable as we slipped away into August. Is this a recurring pattern? Will we continue to see both treading water as we close out the hottest crypto summer on record? With regulatory oversight coming from many different angles sideways movement could be the norm. New […]

Can Web3 Summer Keep Bringing the Heat? ☀️🔥

👋 Rollers, Hope you’re having a good summer. Headlines have been sizzling like some of the record high temperatures we’ve seen across the globe. There’s legal decisions that will shape the crypto landscape, we’ve got pioneering AI deals. There’s a whole lot to share. We’ve been hosting amazing Twitter Spaces, featuring a whole array of […]

Token Tide: Riding the Wave of Web3 This Summer

👋 Rollers, Catch the crypto wave this summer and you too can be sitting on top of the world! 🌎 School’s out for summer! And the living is easy, especially if you’re a Bitcoin holder these last few days. We’ve got a lot to cover in this issue with some major major collabs going down […]