Token Tide: Riding the Wave of Web3 This Summer

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Catch the crypto wave this summer and you too can be sitting on top of the world! 🌎

School’s out for summer! And the living is easy, especially if you’re a Bitcoin holder these last few days. We’ve got a lot to cover in this issue with some major major collabs going down in Web3. We’ll catch up with the artistic talents of the Roll ecosystem, and preview upcoming events you won’t want to miss.

Make sure to set your calendar, there’s a lot of Roll related events we don’t want you to miss! First up, Roll will be at Vidcon Anaheim on June 23rd. Our CEO, Bradley Miles, will be speaking! If you’ll be at Vidcon we’d love to connect! Secondly, the Alpha will continue when our VP of Product & Operations, Ellie Li, speaks at the Web3 Creator Summit next week, on June 26th. Roll will be setting up a virtual booth at the summit, so make sure to cruise on by and say hi! Come hear about what Roll is working on to drive the creator economy forward!

Let’s roll! 🤘🏻

Who’s on a Roll 👀

  1. Nike and Fortnite are joining forces for an unprecedented collab in the Metaverse. Airphoria debuted in Fortnite’s Creative Mode. It’s an entire island of immersive Air Max-themed goodies wrapped inside of Fortnite’s Unreal Engine Editor. The partnership will offer exclusive rewards to members of Nike’s NFT platform, Swoosh, as they embark on the ultimate sneakerhunt. Nike’s digital collectible platform has wasted no time with their collabs, announcing one with EA Sports just last month. .Swoosh is already shaping the future of sports by providing a home for Nike’s virtual creations and fostering an inclusive digital community. Nike is redefining brand engagement and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the Metaverse.
  2. Two major players, Blackrock and Deutsche Bank are making bold moves into the crypto space. Blackrock has applied for the iShares Bitcoin Trust, an innovative spot ETF that allows investors to gain exposure to Bitcoin without directly owning the cryptocurrency. This development could open up new avenues for broader participation in the crypto markets. On the other hand, Deutsche Bank is seeking a crypto custody license in Germany, signaling their interest in expanding crypto banking service to their clientele. The involvement of these global companies is a positive sign for the growing mass adoption of crypto.
  3. Bitcoin has surged past the $30,000K mark once again. A huge 10% gain in the last 24 hours alone. The bullish momentum follows the entry of several traditional finance giants into the space. There remains growing interest in cryptocurrencies despite regulatory scrutiny. Enthusiasts remain undeterred as they embrace the massive potential of the market.

Unlocking Artistic Expression: MurAll’s Journey of Community, Integrity, and Innovation

MurALL joined Roll’s Twitter Spaces last week to discuss their artistic expression which knows no bounds.

From humble beginnings in 2019, the MurAll team has been dedicated to building an art platform without compromise. Instead of relying on VC funding, they have focused on community-driven growth, showcasing their commitment to preserving the project’s integrity. The $PAINT airdrop exemplified their appreciation for artists and enthusiasts, demonstrating their strong community-centric approach.

While enduring the challenges of the bear market, MurAll remains unwavering, placing art at the center of their journey and emphasizing artistic freedom. With the introduction of a DAO and integration of AI, they continue to push boundaries and lower barriers to creation.

The recent beta release of text-to-image technology opens up new possibilities, with the DAO empowered to shape future innovations. Stay tuned for updates from MurALL as they continue to innovate and provide avenues for artistic expression. Make sure to listen to the replay of their appearance on Roll’s Twitter Spaces.

The New Creator Economy 🌐

International creator startups outside of the US are experiencing funding challenges, with smaller rounds and lower valuations becoming more common.

However, music-related startups have shown resilience by securing investments even in this difficult landscape. Singapore-based BandLab raised $25 million in a Series B1 round. PocketFM in India secured $16 million in funding from First Citizen’’s Bank’s Silicon Valley Bank unit. Despite significant investments, music start ups have continued to attract attention.

Overall, early-stage funding round dominated the creator economy, with music ventures defying the downturn and proving their ability to navigate the difficult of this ever changing landscape.

DAOs all the way down (🤝, 🏠)

Get ready for the biggest Web3 pride event of the year!

We are thrilled to announce that Take Up Space ($TUS) will be co-hosting the Web3 Pride Telethon, celebrating the vibrant and diverse voices within in the creator economy.

As pioneers in the Web3 space, $TUS is dedicated to championing inclusivity and empowering creators. Join this amazing showcase of the incredible talent and stories of LGTBQ+ creators and support their work!

Don’t miss out on this historic event! Mark you calendars!

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Hangry Animals. Their forthcoming game will let you train and earn your place among 10 unique species in the upcoming animated series and comic books. Immerse yourself in thrilling gaming challenges and problem-solving adventure as you battle the formidable Shillarkis. Climb your way to the top and become a master, showcasing skills and strategy. But that’s not all! Your achievements will be recognized with a special credit in the animated work. How awesome!? Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be part of the Hangryverse and earn some $FOOD in the process!

Who’s ready for another groundbreaking project? Serc, the visionary artists behind the highly acclaimed Nude x GM collab, is taking things to the next level. He’s bringing together 44 talented nude artists for a brand new collection: NUDE x GM 2. Set to drop on Thursday, June 22nd, on Foundation, this project will be all limited edition Open Editions. The price is extremely affordable for collectors of all levels, coming in at .01 ETH. NUDE x GM merges Serc’s unparalleled typographic expertise with the expressive power and liberating beauty of nude photography. Immerse yourself in this captivating fusion of art forms and experience the unique expression it brings. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to collect these amazing works and be part of Serc’s artistic revolution. Make sure to join the $SERC community to be at the forefront of this transformative project.

Ropeadope is excited to announce Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah’s upcoming album, “Bark Out Thunder Roar Out Lightning.” This marks the Chief’s first album under his tribal leadership as Chief of the Xodokan Nation of New Orleans. Formerly known as Christian Scott, Chief Adjuah’s new album features his unique instrument, Chief Adjuah’s Bow. The new record showcases a fusion of many cultures and genres. Celebrate this release and support independent labels like Ropeadope by engaging with their $DOPE token. Join us in honoring Chief Adjuah’s musical vision and the significance of Juneteenth as we embrace the power of art, culture, and liberation. The album is available on July 28th!

Introducing Dummy Bears, the latest NFT project from $LEFT. Dive into the gummy world and witness the bearish antics unfold. Experience the magic of Dummy Goo, reserve a bottle today to add an extra touch of wonder to your Dummy Bear journey. Or a little Dummy Honey, the sweet treat that makes Dummy Bears go wild with delight. Join the passionate $LEFT community of filmmakers, musicians and artists. Don’t miss out on the Dummy Bears!

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

Introducing $LLAMA, the vibrant and inclusive online community that invites all quirk, outrageous, and playful adventure seekers to join their sangha of asana avengers. $LLAMA offers a unique “unstudio” experience designed to elevate self-awareness and deepen mindfulness practices. You could be a seasoned yogi looking for deeper exploration or a newcomer seeking meaning beyond the business of western yoga.

$LLAMA is here to support you on whatever path to self-discovery you choose. They have regular yoga and meditation practice for both adults and kids, workshops with guest presenters, teacher trainings and live events, $LLAMA creates a space where kindness thrives. The goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals that are committed to personal growth and making a positive impact in the world.

Join $LLAMA’s supportive herd, and elevate your consciousness and embrace your true self.

Announcements 📣

Join us at VidCon Anaheim, where Roll will be making its mark! We’re very excited to announce that our co-founder & CEO, Bradley Miles, will be speaking at VidCon 2023 on June 23rd. Bradley will part of the panel titled, “The Next 100 Billion.” The panel will cover the the explosive growth of the creator economy, the challenges of a crowded landscape, and the complex macroeconomic outlook. The panel will explore the future of the ecosystem as they show that the rumors of the creator economy’s decline have been greatly exaggerated. Don’t miss this insightful discussion!

If you’re going to VidCon make sure to drop Bradley a DM on Twitter to connect!

Roll’s VP of Product & Operations, Ellie Li will be speaking at Web3 Creator Summit 2023 on June 26. Roll will also have a virtual booth set up to discuss social tokens. Stop on by to learn more! We’re looking forward to it.

The Social Token Research Lab 🧪

Attention social token enthusiasts!

The Social Token Research Lab still has some openings. Our initiative to build top-notch, sustainable products puts you, the user, first. Want to test the latest version of our products and give feedback? Join the Lab and earn $5 for each feature tested.

If you’re a Roll product veteran and want in on the action, sign up here –

We’ll hit you up for an interview. Let’s take social tokens to the next level together.

Required Tweeting

There’s a moment of pivotal change. The actions of centralized platforms in Web2, such as Reddit, have illustrated the need for a new era of the Internet. Recently Reddit’s costly API changes have caused popular third-party apps, such as Apollo, to shut down. Apollo, beloved for the accessibility and moderation tools it provided, now faces a $20 million per year bill to keep the app running. This sparked massive community outcry. Many Reddit communities still remain dark a week later. Users and moderators were held out of this decision making process.

We imagine a world where users, creators, and moderators have a real say in the platform and its decisions. This is the intersection of Web3 and the decentralization of the Internet. A Reddit built on the principles of Web3 would be different. Each subreddit with its own token. Users earn tokens through engagement, helping shape the community’s rules and direction. This method gives users, mods, and creators a level of influence that isn’t possible in Web2. Importantly, moderators who give freely of themselves to maintain these communities could be rewarded with tokens, investing them directly into the success and growth of the platform.

The true revolution here in Web3 is to redefine the creator economy. With token values driven by community activity and reputation, users now become stakeholders. The interests of both the platform and the users combine. This creates a more dynamic and engaging ecosystem for all. It’s not just the evolution of the Internet, it’s a revolution for all Internet users.

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