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The Roll network mints branded digital tokens unique to your online presence, allowing you to own, control and coordinate the value you create across platforms.

We call these branded tokens social money and utilize the Ethereum blockchain to mint each token under the ERC20 standard. Using the Ethereum blockchain allows us to develop social money in a way that is controlled by you and your community, not us as a network.

The economics of social money
Monetary Policy

The minting and monetary policy of social money is set by Roll smart contracts and cannot be changed arbitrarily by us, you, or any other third-party.

There will be exactly 10,000,000 units of your social money in existence. You can’t mint more and we can’t create more. We’re all bound by the smart contract code on the Ethereum blockchain

A fixed cap on the number of units of social money issued allows the community to immediately understand what percentage of the total value encapsulated by that social money they are holding, and make the decision on whether to use it now or in the future.

Roll will hold a small pool of your social money when issued to support and grow the social money ecosystem.


After you sign up, our smart contracts will issue the first 2,000,000 units of your social money to your Roll wallet.

This initial pool of social money allows you to create an initial distribution to your existing community, likely starting with your closest supporters.


After minting the first 2M, your social money will vest over a period of three years until the max supply of 10M units is reached.

This means every month for the next three years, you will receive a lump sum of social money in your Roll wallet. Vesting allows your incentives as an issuer to be aligned with those of the community that hold your social money, over the long-term. With these parameters, we believe social money should be able to store value for the intermediate to long-term.

Start your own social money economy

You determine all the ways your social money will be earned and spent by your community. There is a continuous flow of your social money from you to your community and then back to you, keeping the economy going.

Your social money will be valued by your network based on the value of experiences and rewards your community can obtain in your social money, now and in the future. You set the rules for your own social money.

Wanna Roll with us?

We developed this network to make social money as easy as possible to access, store, and exchange across the web while still being interoperable with the Ethereum ecosystem. With social money, you can create units of value that can exist independent of any platform you are currently using, even Roll. Roll is designed for anyone with a loyal following that wants to interact with their community across the web.

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How we Roll

Roll provides custodial Ethereum wallets capable of sending and receiving social money from the Ethereum blockchain and within the Roll network. We use a simple link-based system to make sending social money to anyone as simple as sending a message. You can instantly send social money to another user on Roll. You can withdraw social money from your Roll wallet and send to your personal Ethereum wallet at any time.

We give you the tools to mint, distribute and provide pathways to use your social money via your existing networks, closing the economic loop that gives your social money it’s own unique value.

You determine all the ways in which your social money will be earned and spent by your community, effectively setting the market for your social money economy. When it’s time to spend social money, Roll acts as a payment gateway to enable experiences and rewards you offer.

Check out an example of how social money can be utilized across the web:

Anyone can create their own social money

Example: “Anna Danger” starts making digital art and is displaying it on Opensea and SuperRare. She Creates $DANGER, her own personalized social money on Roll. Anna will use her first 2M $DANGER to spread the word about her digital art.


Incentivize people to contribute value to your community by creating ways to earn social money

Anna just started a substack newsletter all about her digital art and offers 7,000 $DANGER to the first 10 people who subscribe. She wants to spread the word a bit more and offers an additional 1,000 $DANGER to anyone who retweets her post.

Todd is a supporter of Anna’s work. He subscribes to her newsletter and retweets her post, earning 8,000 $DANGER.


Provide unique opportunities for your community to transact with your social money

Anna creates a few market opportunities in $DANGER where her supporters can get a shoutout in her newsletter for 2,000 $DANGER, and a digital art piece for 10,000 $DANGER.

Todd doesn’t have enough to get an art piece but he’d love to show his support of Anna by getting a shoutout. He spends 2,000 $DANGER on a shoutout and gets recognized in her weekly digital art newsletter.