Roll Minting: Building the Future with Social Tokens

Hi Rollers! 👋

Today we’re taking a deep dive into the heart of the Roll network to unravel the exciting process of social token minting. Get ready to explore how the Roll process unfolds and why it’s a game-changer for all versions of the web.

Unleashing the Power of Social Tokens

Social tokens are a digital currency that are specific to a creator, in our case – on the Roll platform. They’re versatile digital assets designed to seamlessly integrate with applications within the sprawling Web 3.0 ecosystem. Social tokens unlock the door to market making and liquidity, paving the way for anyone on the internet to buy, sell or trade them.

Creators spend time and energy building a community almost out of thin air. Recently, platforms remove or censor a creator for a variety of reasons. Overnight a creator and their community can lose everything they’ve worked so hard to create. A growing community can be stopped in its tracks. At Roll, we aim to give creators and communities the tools to grow.

Social tokens are powerful tools for creators and their communities. They enable value beyond the boundaries of any platform. This offers an unprecedented level of independence, empowering creators and their communities to decide their own course of action based on their unique needs and visions. They’re no longer tied to the constraints of any one particular platform.

Using Roll’s state-of-the-art social token infrastructure, creators can easily build a market on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and bolster their liquidity via Roll Staking – more on that later.

The ERC20 Standard: Fueling Interoperability and Innovation

At the core all of Roll’s social tokens are ERC20 tokens. ERC20 is a technical standard for any token on the Ethereum network. An ERC20 token is essentially a set of rules and regulations that all tokens on the Ethereum blockchain must adhere to.

By creating this standard across all tokens, tokens can interact seamlessly with each other and with other smart contracts on the Ethereum network. This means your token is primed and ready to plug into existing or future Ethereum-based smart contracts, right away! Your token is ready to engage with a myriad of sites, decentralized exchanges, and much more.

You can set up token gating with Collabland with ease, making sure only your most loyal supporters can access a secret part of your Discord server. You can use a customized social token for your community to purchase NFTs. Or limit ticket buying for an event is only to those community members holding your tokens. Your social token will be ready to plug into the ever growing landscape of Web3 with ease.

Your Journey with Roll: A Personalized Experience

Joining the Roll family is simple! We’ve designed an application process that’s not only straightforward but is also backed by a hands-on approach from our stellar team. We adopt a selective process to identify partners for minting tokens and make it a point to delve into in-depth discussions to understand your token strategy. Our team also provides support for creators in the post-minting process, offering our expertise to keep your social token running smoothly.

The Lifecycle of a Token

To understand social tokens a bit better, let’s examine the life cycle of a token on the Roll Network.

First there’s minting. Roll mints social tokens as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain for creators, projects, and communities. Once minted, these tokens exist independently of Roll, laying the foundation for their unique Web3 ecosystems. They’re ready to plug and play into a variety of different sites.

Next up comes the distribution of those tokens. We have several different ways to send tokens across the Internet.

First, is our Earn Codes. Creators generate clickable or scannable codes that reward users with a decided on amount of tokens. Our team ensures that these codes are handled with the utmost security, through a variety of protective measures to safeguard communities and their creators. Earn Codes allow creators to share their social tokens with community members in just a few clicks of a mouse.

Our forthcoming Discord Bot will make distribution of social tokens even easier. Imagine any ERC20 token being sent across a Discord server effortless and gas fee free? It’s not a dream. Shortly it will be our reality.

Roll’s platform, designed with a user-friendly Web 2.0 interface, enables community members to easily become social token holders while retaining the core features of blockchain and Web3 infrastructure.

Next, it’s time to plug and play.

Your social token has been minted. It’s in the hands of the community. So now what?

It’s time to create some liquidity! You can do this through liquidity pools like Uniswap and others. Or you can input your social token into a Roll Staking contract, a valuable addition to the Web3 ecosystem, that offers simple ways to create a staking contract for ANY ERC20 token. Have your community members stake your social token to earn a friend’s token. Have your friend’s community stake their token to get yours. The collabs are endless!

Following that, many of our Roll Creators like to employ our Membership Campaigns. These Memberships can help take monetization efforts to the next level.. As a creator, you can deposit any ERC20 token into a smart contract and set terms enabling any Web3 user to pay a fee to redeem a “lot” of tokens. Roll Memberships work with any ERC20 token. You could have an AMA where users buy a token lot to ask you a question. You could have a video conference where an invite is only obtained by buying a Membership lot. We’re only limited by your creativity. The great thing is that once the membership contract is over, the fees generated from your launch are directly deposited into your wallet.

If you don’t believe it, here’s an earn code for our test token! You can try it out yourself and see first hand how easy it is!

Empowering Creators in the Digital Frontier

The Roll network is truly revolutionizing the creator economy. We’re enabling a shift towards a decentralized, value-driven landscape. Through the power of social tokens, creators and their communities are no longer confined to traditional platforms. They’re free to generate both value and growth on their own terms, carving out unique paths in the digital frontier.

By minting their own social tokens, creators command the helm of their digital destiny. They control distribution, liquidity, staking, and the monetization of their assets. This paves the way for not only financial independence but helps foster a greater sense of community – sharing the success with those who support.

As we continue our evolution here at Roll we stay committed to helping empower creators and their communities with the tools they need to thrive in the new version of the Internet. We believe in a future where every token tells a story, every community creates value, and every creator has the freedom to forge their own path.