The Professor, YouTube’s Largest Basketball Influencer, Launches $CROSS

I’m excited to lead a movement for basketball fans to connect, build relationships, and help each other succeed. The name of the game isn’t about which platform to use anymore, it’s about becoming the platform. The Professor The world’s most recognizable basketball influencer, The Professor, has launched his social token $CROSS to reimagine his community […]

Podcast: Is Blockchain the Next Hip Hop? With Ja Rule and Alex Masmej

We posed an interesting question on Episode 2 of Roll Radio: Is blockchain the next hip hop? (Apple Podcast link)   It’s an interesting analogy to make. Both cultures started in one location–hip hop in 1973 at DJ Cool Herc’s birthday party in the Bronx, and blockchain in 2008 with the birth of the bitcoin […]

FORCER from EnforcerJ is now listed on Uniswap 👾 🎮

Today we are listing FORCER from EnforcerJ on the social money exchange. We’ve partnered with @tryrollhq to create our own #Reinforcement currency! $FORCER. I’m excited to get started introducing this to my @OfficialDLive community! Check this link out to get started and earn your first 500 $FORCER! — Enforcerjtv (@enforcerjtv) November 12, 2019 Enforcerj […]

Julien Bouteloup, MD of Stake Capital lists $JULIEN on the social money exchange

$JULIEN, created by Julien Bouteloup is now live on the Roll social money exchange. Julien is the Founder and Managing Director of Stake Capital, a blockchain-based investment firm and staking service for leading blockchain protocols. Boom!🤺This is something I was supposed to announce a week ago. $julien token is live! 🚀 Redeem it now before […]

“Hi, my name is $ALEX” An Open Community by AlexMasmej

$ALEX, social money created by Alex Masmej is now listed on the Social Money Exchange powered by Uniswap In the past few months, Alex has emerged as one of the major voices in the Undercollateralized DeFi movement. Throughout this time, he’s been casually incentivizing his open community with $ALEX, his own social money he’s created […]

Using Social Money to Build Open Communities

Introducing Open Communities Last year, before the launch of Roll, we laid out a vision for the company: to create a platform-independent social money layer for the web. This means the value of the networks that a digital community creates online become economically independent from the platforms themselves.   This newly decoupled network value can now […]

HUE from ConnieDigital is now listed on Uniswap

The first social money listing is HUE created by blockchain-based artist @ConnieDigital. Connie has used HUE to incentivize and reward his community over the past three months on platforms like Cryptovoxels, Cent, Twitter, Discord, Opensea, his website and his mailing list.  🎉Super excited to finally introduce you to $HUE, my new reward token on […]