☀️Sunny Horizons: Navigating the June Journey of Web3

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As we step into the month of June, embracing the spirit of Pride, we honor the vibrant and diverse creators here at Roll. Every month we pay tribute to the incredible talent and creativity that thrives in Web3. From amazing collabs to groundbreaking innovations, we highlight the voices and stories that make the community shine brightly.

From  AI-powered NFT generators to collabs between industry giants, there’s no shortage of groundbreaking developments in this issue

We’ve got the launch of a new mobile game by $STRONK. A captivating short film from $FIRST creator, Harrison First,  “Sum/Some of Me.” $RUSH has a killer collab in the Sandbox, as well as enticing opportunities from $OLU, $MIND and $BOHG.

Come along on an exciting journey with us!

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Who’s on a Roll 👀

1️⃣ Satoshi Lab, the parent company of one of the most popular Web3 games – STEPN, is introducing GNT V3, an AI-powered NFT generator. With this tech, Satoshi Lab is aiming to revolutionize digital identity. It will allow users to to create unique, AI-generated images minted on the Solana blockchain, all from a selfie. This empowers creators like never before. The advancement merges a users’ individuality with blockchain, showcasing the possibilities the best of Web3 has to offer. Will you snap/mint a selfie? 🤳

2️⃣ Polygon has announced partnerships with both Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, and Google Cloud, to support their infrastructure. T-Mobile, is how must know Deutsche Telekom, who’s set to become a validator on Polygon’s proof-of-stake network. The move down in efforts to bolster both the security of the network and its decentralization. Google Cloud’s partnership is a multi-year arrangement that will simplify the deployment of Polygon nodes for developers. By doing so, the duo hope to increase the adoption of the Polygon Ecosystem. These massive deals highlight the growing integrations of blockchain technology into traditional industries, paving the way for mass adoption and innovation. 🤝

3️⃣ Yet another massive collab drawing attention to mass adoption is from Nike and EA Sports. The two have joined forces for an exciting collaboration that will integrate Nike-branded digital collectibles into future EA games. While not explicitly mentioning NFTs, Nike Web3 platform’s Swoosh, built on Polygon, offers digital collectibles such as digital sneakers and membership cards. The partnership is aiming to create immersive experiences that focus on customization, bringing the Nike virtual creations to the massive EA Sports fan base. Details about the massive collabs are still mostly under wraps, but there’s more info to come in the next few months. This is a collab that is poised to deliver big. 🏈

Hangry Animals: Unleashing a Feast of Creativity

Hope you’re hungry! Because there’s a huge helping of Alpha in our Twitter Spaces with the Hangry Animals.

Hangry Animals has been quietly laying the framework for their project over the last two years. They’ve focused on creating a dynamic & engaging IP that their community can grow into a household name. Just look at this Youtube video. They’ve refined their concept perfectly and are almost ready to launch.

The project consists of 11,101 unique Hangry Animals with different interchangeable dynamic traits that unlock over time. Partnering with OneMint.io Hangry Animals will have new traits dropped on the marketplace or released based off new features and games.

So far the team has developed a very strong lore. They’ve developed comic books. Have begun on an animated film. Recorded a mini rap album. Oh yeah and two mobile games. All for the HangryVerse to enjoy. It’s a really strong foundation for a project.

The team has built the HangyVerse on community participation. The mission is for the community to immerse themselves totally in this experience. The team sees this done through live streamed gaming events, character and lore development. Most importantly, community generated content that can push the project even further.

Hangry Animals have been working on their token $FOOD, built on Roll. $FOOD will be official in game token of the Hangry Animals. It’s how the Hanger will be cured. Some of the details the team touched on during the Spaces.

Hangry Animals is gearing up to make a big push forward. The project is well thought out, engaging, and appealing to a diverse community. Listen to the Spaces to see what they’re building and how you can get more involved. Who knows maybe your Hangry Animal will see it’s name up in lights!

The New Creator Economy 🌐

Delve into the power of liquidity and staking in the creator economy with our latest blog post. Roll Staking enables creators to engage with their communities, distribute tokens, and earn rewards.

With success stories like $BAM, $POOH, and $NoiseGPT, Roll staking fosters growth and liquidity.

Check out the blog to learn more as we unlock the potential of staking crypto in the vibrant world of the creator economy.

Lightricks, a leading provider of advanced mobile photo and video editing, has unveiled key insights from their latest study into the creator economy.

The research shows creators are increasing their use of AI tools and editing software to produce higher-quality content than ever before. Over 50% expressed favorability towards using AI. More creators are identifying themselves with the “creator” title vs. “influencer,”; showing a desire to focus on creation as a full-time profession.

The study involved over 1,000 content creators evaluating their experiences, sentiments, and insights on AI, monetization, and content creation tools. The results show the positive impact of AI in content creation. Creators witness their followers’ positive response to AI-generated content.

The research shows how creators are using the transformative power of AI to drive the creator economy forward. AI tools offer ways to streamline workflows, enhance skills, and increase monetization opportunities. Are you taking advantage of all the new tools that AI is providing to creators?

DAOs all the way down (🤝, 🏠)

Taking Up Space, the community-owned media platform is aiming to continue putting its culture in motion in their S2.

During S1, $TUS explored the creator economy, through The Han & Paff Show podcast and their newsletter. Their flagship event, CreatorThon, was a big success, highlighting TUS’s expertise in events, curation, and community-building.

Taking Up Space has identified a need to focus on scalability in S2. They’ve begun framing the next season around the goal of empowering individuals to take up more space as expressions of their authentic selves.

The DAO community recently met to discuss how Season 2 will be laid out. This included a focus on which stories they wish to tell, the mediums that will be used. The culture will certainly stay in motion. We can’t wait to see what Season 2 will hold!

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

$STRONK & SupDucks have some exciting news to share. They have recently launched a new mobile game called KingFrog Crossing, available for download on iOS and Android. In the game, players help KingFrog navigate his journey across  the boardwalk, while collecting coins, power-ups, and avoiding obstacles. All while trying to set a high score.

Alongside the game’s release, comes the KingFrog NFT, adding another unique collectible to the SupDucks ecosystem. They’ve taken community engagement a step further, with a Raffle to enter for your chance to win exclusive merchandise. Get involved with SupDucks, join the $STRONK community, and embark on this thrilling adventure with KingFrog.

The Bad Crypto Podcast, home of $HERO, invites you on an unforgettable journey into the whimsical world of Cornytopia. This adventure is filled with delightful humor and captivating storytelling. What makes it even more special is that the community has the power to shape the direction of the story.

Cornytopia combines wholesome snarky comedy with valuable life lessons. The series, launching on Book.io, offers an E-Book subscription option that grants holders airdrops of Chapters 1 through 13 of Booke One!

Mint yours today.

Journey into the visual world of  Harrison First, talented producer, DJ, artist, and Web3 creator. His short film, “Sum/Some of Me” is finally here.

Harrison examines some of the uncomfortableness of life that most might not even notice. It’s a fresh take on daily interactions in some their most basic aspects. What are we taking and giving one another. Are we giving anything back?

Harrison is the driving force behind $FIRST. Blending together all of his extraordinary talents, Harrison transports his listeners to the creative worlds that he meticulously cultivates.

Take a trip into his short film “Sum/Some of Me” today. Connect with him in the vibrant $FIRST community.

Gear up for an epic community collab in the Sandbox Metaverse with $RUSH.

Sand Rush is bringing a talented group of creators together to unleash a wave of awesome new gear into the Sandbox. Gear up on your play-to-earn journey.

Sand Rush has users blazing through a diverse range of games as they seek out out epic collectibles, and climbing the leaderboard. There’s mind-bending puzzles, trophies to earn, and the hidden Legacy of the Elders Fortune to uncover.

Explore amazing unique worlds within the Sandbox metaverse with $RUSH.

$OLU, the newest token from Olumide Gbenro, is making a splash.

To claim your share of $OLU, Olumide has a unique proposition on his Twitter. Holding 10,000 $OLU will grant a holder access to an inner circle with some investing advice.

$OLU offers exciting utility. It includes access to Olumide’s private network. Holders also gain access to Olumide’s extensive collection of online courses, including his highly successful social media agency course. Additionally, expect to see weekly AMA sessions with successful entrepreneurs will provide valuable insight and networking opportunities.

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

We welcome in $MIND, from TRA. A self-taught photographer practicing the art since 1999, $MIND brings expertise and passion for photography to the blockchain. Specializing in portrait photography, fine art nudes, fashion, and commercial work, TRA’s talent knows no bounds. As of 2021, TRA works are available for sale as exclusive NFTs. But $MIND isn’t just about owning art; it’s about experiencing the full artistic journey. Holders of TRA’s artwork will be rewarded proportionally with $MIND tokens by TRA  artistic pieces. They will provide a gateway to explore exciting opportunities within the digital art ecosystem. Join $MIND on its exploration into the intersection of art and technology.

Embark on an exciting new chapter of the Brigade of Honor with $BOHG. The 23 year old guild, built on a vibrant and diverse video game community is aiming to revolutionize loyalty in gaming. They plan to offer unique rewards and opportunities for their most dedicated of members. $BOHG will serve as a symbol of recognition and appreciation within the guild. With a rich history and a strong community, $BOHG is bound to make an impact on the gaming world.

Introducing $EDM, the token from Selene Lee, the founder of MoonBao NFT, and a seasoned crypto trader since 2013. With a passion for crypto education, Selene takes things a step further by providing free resources to help people start their crypto journey.

$EDM aims to empower individuals by proving access to valuable knowledge and insights in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency. As Selene continues growing her vibrant community on Discord, she is dedicated to sharing more details about the $EDM token and its potential.

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