☀️Sunny Horizons: Navigating the June Journey of Web3

👋 Rollers, As we step into the month of June, embracing the spirit of Pride, we honor the vibrant and diverse creators here at Roll. Every month we pay tribute to the incredible talent and creativity that thrives in Web3. From amazing collabs to groundbreaking innovations, we highlight the voices and stories that make the […]

Crypto Simplified: Liquidity, Staking, & Success Stories

Hi, Rollers! 👋🎲 Today, we’ll explore two popular terms in the cryptocurrency universe: liquidity and staking. If you’ve ever wondered, “What is staking in crypto” or “What are staking rewards?” then this post is for you. Unraveling Liquidity in Cryptocurrency Before diving into staking, it’s essential to understand liquidity. In the crypto world, liquidity is […]