Kick Off The Fall Crypto SZN in Style 🏈

👋 Rollers,

Well the crypto summer didn’t end up staying as hot as the temperatures! That’s okay because we’re kicking off the fall seas
on in style.,

We’ve got major SEC rulings that are bound to have ripple effects throughout the ecosystem. There are some major advancements in the adoption of Web3 by major players. More awareness is always a good thing.

Then we have our Roll Creators! They’re redefining wellness with social tokens. They’re being displayed for all to see in Belgium and on the front pages of magazines. They’re truly doing it all. There are even ways for you to get involved in some of the storylines and art. Be on the lookout for that.

Come with us and set the season off in style.

Who’s On a Roll 👀

1️⃣Grayscale Investments has successfully contested the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over its Bitcoin ETF application. The SEC had previously cited concerns about Grayscale’s safety measures. Judge Neomi Rao, however, found the SEC’s rejection lacking justification. This victory gives Grayscale another shot, but the final outcome remains uncertain. We’ll make sure to keep an eye on this story as it continues to unfold.

2️⃣ Solana Pay has partnered with Shopify to enable crypto payments for its numerous businesses. Built on the Solana blockchain, the initial payment mode will be USDC given its appeal to merchants and regulatory stability. Shopify, representing 10% of U.S. e-commerce, can benefit from nearly fee-free transactions using Solana, compared to traditional credit card fees. Additionally, the integration facilitates easy creation of merchant loyalty programs through NFT tokens.

3️⃣ Coca-Cola has released its “Masterpiece NFT” collection on Base, Coinbase’s ETH Layer 2 platform. The collection blends iconic artworks like “The Scream” and “Girl With a Pearl Earring” with contemporary pieces and the recognizable Coca-Cola bottle. This move was part of Coinbase’s “Onchain Summer” initiative, celebrating the efficiency of the Layer 2 chain through various art, gaming, and music projects. This isn’t Coke’s first jump into NFTs, they previously auctioned NFTs and launched collectibles for Pride Month, earlier this summer.

Earn $LLAMA: Come As You Are

The incredible force behind $LLAMA stopped by for a Twitter Spaces recently. Their “Come As You Are” philosophy is looking to redefine the online mindfulness space. Breaking away from the constraints of cost and appearance, their platform encourages a raw, real mindfulness journey. Boasting nearly 200 dedicated teachers, the community has taken to their innovative $LLAMA loot, aligning tech with their inclusive philosophy.

Working with Mighty Network, they like many caught the Web3 bug. Recognizing that monetary barriers often exclude many, they adopted a model where even simple self-improvement practices can earn members tokens. These tokens can be used for tips, purchases, and more, further fostering a sense of belonging and achievement.

$LLAMA emphasizes that everyone deserves a place to be authentically themselves. While they may not be transforming the world at large, they’re creating meaningful, individualized impacts.

The community wants to venture into gamifying mindfulness, turning self-improvement into an engaging and immersive role-playing-styled game. In today’s world, where many struggle with purpose $LLAMA offers a sense of gratification by turning personal growth into tangible achievements.

Join $LLAMA and experience a new, inclusive era of mindfulness.

The New Creator Economy

In a huge move, Google has revisited its advertising policy to shine a spotlight on NFT gaming.

Starting on September 15th, Google will be allowing games where players can purchase in-game assets such as virtual apparel, weapons, and other items. This allows players to enrich their in-game journey. These aren’t just virtual gaming assets, they are dynamic chess pieces in the digital economy.

A platform as massive as Google is acknowledging the potential of NFTs operating in-game. This is throwing the gates of innovation wide open and inviting creative artists to continue building.

Google wants to keep the focus on creativity and innovation. With that in mind its retained the ban on games promoting gambling or betting with NFTs. But there is a real narrative shift here. Google is unlocking and harnessing the power of creators. For start-ups and digital artists, this is an opportunity. With tech giants like Google helping set the stage, the sky is the limit for what creators can accomplish.

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem

Didi Taihuttu of $FAMILY delves into the transformative potential of $BTC mining. Traditional Bitcoin mining, centralized in massive farms, faces complex challenges such as sustainability. Micromining, leveraging small devices like smartphones and other devices can democratize this process, making it accessible to the masses. This shift promotes a decentralized network, reduces environmental impact, and could spur wider crypto adoption. As the crypto landscape keeps evolving, micro mining could come to redefine Bitcoin mining as we know it, making it more inclusive and eco-friendly.

WhaleShark, the founder of $WHALE, spoke at Crypto Art Seoul 2023. $WHALE, established in 2020 is one of the world’s largest social token communities underscored by a premium NFT collection. The focus is on digital art, photography, music, and decentralized gaming.

At Crypto Art Seoul attendees discussed the synergy of art and blockchain. They explored crypto art and had a chance to dive deep into what the future of crypto art might hold.

Cyrpto artist Matt Griffin, the creative force behind $LENRD, is powering a unique “choose your own adventure” experience using a token-gated Discord. Currently, main character Leonard, a monster hunter, needs the community’s help. He’s caught up with the Slow Worm that’s been stalking him. How should he deal with this foe?

By voting, community members directly shape the narrative and visual outcomes. This elevates the digital art into a more interactive and collective experience. Ideal for art enthusiasts, fiction fans, and more – $LENRD offers an immersive blend of storytelling and digital art.

WGMeets, the mastermind behind $WGM is making waves in both the crypto space and the global art scene.

WG was just featured on the cover of Redlion Gazette Issue 155. For those unaware, Redlion is a premier media and entertainment powerhouse, documenting the evolving world of crypto and NFT history.

WG also had his FLESH Authentication 79 displayed in Europe. If you find yourself in Belgium, don’t miss out on the chance to witness the masterpiece in person. It’s currently on display in the historic city of Ghent.

Cheers to WG, a crypto artist built for excellence! We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Ever been curious about the creative process behind Web artistry? $MTTR has a treat for you! Mattia Cuttini’s latest collection is a mesmerizing look into pages from his personal notebooks, which have been meticulously maintained for years.

Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or a creative at heart, this collection offers unparalleled access into the journey of Web3. It’s available for purchase with $TEZ, $ETH, or even the good ol’ credit card. Owning a piece of digital history has never been easier!

Featured Artists from Twitter Spaces

Our “Shill & Chill” Twitter Spaces proves to be a continued success, as it unites artists from all over the world.

Recently artists have included:

  • @AHamzaban19424 from Iran who has been working with watercolors on glass. His final touch of spray paint truly brings the colors alive.
  • @SalJav2 from Turkey wears multiple hats. He’s an architect AND a lawyer. See what he’s working on
  • @callmeFolarin just celebrated a birthday and is churning out some amazing art!
  • @BoyaGeorge brings Greece to life with collages reminiscent of stained glass. A feast for the eyes!
  • @ViolettaPJones is heading to a mesmerizing castle party by TrevorJones in France. Dedication to the late artist, Alotta Money, adds a heartfelt touch.
  • @saeideart_tez marries traditional and modern art in a digital format, highlighting nuances of middle class and religion. Truly thought-provoking.
  • @Somayehshalmani brings life to paper with color pencils in both classical and abstract forms.
  • @AdlFateme combines traditional sketches with modern digital touches. The animation on paper is a marvel!
  • @Behboud_karimi is a master of patience. His work on cardboard, spanning 2 months, is testament to his dedication.
  • @nisamodaresi weaves magic not just on carpets but in the pixel art space. 3 months and already making waves in the #NFT world.
  • @Reyhoon_nft fascination with windows and collages mirrors the intricacies of architecture.
  • @mmendie__ from Nigeria, introduces the web3 world to digital fashion illustration. A blend of style and tech!
  • @ShahrdadNFT visually narrates poignant tales of climate change through his photography.
  • @thejomshoots shares his love for storygates. His feature on Mount Fuji is breathtaking.
  • @KenneeduduOA from Laos derives inspiration from vast human experiences. Each art piece is a story.
  • @MrsUnbreakablee intertwines physical and AI art. Charcoal in digital? Yes, please!
  • @sepide_slm captures everyday moments with color pencils, like a snapshot of her neighbor’s life.
  • @Zhivardesignco_ offers serene portraits for fans. Every line, form, and color is a piece of their heart.

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