Don’t Let Crypto Summer Slip Away

👋 Rollers,

Major players $ETH and $BTC have remained relatively stable as we slipped away into August. Is this a recurring pattern? Will we continue to see both treading water as we close out the hottest crypto summer on record? With regulatory oversight coming from many different angles sideways movement could be the norm. New sharks, new blood in the water is needed to move the needle and grow. Climbing interest rates and inflation are still impacting many, highlighting that upward growth trajectory could very well be unsustainable.

Just how long will this go on? Some experts predict maybe into the beginnings of 2024 as we search to onboard the next million crypto users.

How will the crypto space do that? Maybe the answer is in one of our new tokens. There’s $BUENO with its social impact ideas, or $WUBS with its innovative take on fan driven success. Maybe F1 will help onboard many with it’s partnership with Kraken. Or Eithad Airways with their new travel status tiers totally on-chain. There’s plenty of interesting things brewing in this issue of the Social Token Times.

Let’s dive in.

Who’s on a Roll 👀

1️⃣Ready, set, race! Crypto exchange Kraken will allow fans to submit and vote for four NFTS that will be displayed on the Williams Racing F1 cars during the US Grand Prix, later this year. 6 NFTs in total will be chosen, with the final 2 being chosen by the drivers of Williams Racing. The winning NFTs are to be displayed on the rear flap of each car this October. The initiative aims to educate and engage F1 fans while promoting different crypto projects. Other F1 teams, like Red Bull for example, have embraced crypto sponsorships, signaling a huge integration of the crypto industry into the luxury sport. Exciting partnerships like this are the gateway to mass adoption.

2️⃣Eithad Airways is set to release a 300-edition expansion of its Polygon-based EY-ZERO1 NFT collection. These NFTs will grant holders access to The Horizon Club loyalty program, set to launch in September. These NFTs will allow holders to earn miles for real-world flights and upgrades through staking. Will other airlines begin looking into loyalty programs like this? There’s a lot of frequent fliers out there.

3️⃣ As concerns over AI shut down Hollywood, The Fahey/Klein Gallery in LA is presenting an art exhibit that breathes new life into Allen Ginsberg’s poetry using the highly-debated technology. The exhibition, “Muses & Self: Photographs by Allen Ginsberg,” features photos from Ginsberg’s collection, alongside “A Picture of My Mind: Poems Written by Allen Ginsberg’s Photographs,” created by an AI trained on his literary body of work. The collab between TheVERSEverse and the Tezos Foundation translates Ginsberg’s iconic vision into poetic responses through AI-powered cameras. The exhibit runs until September, engaging audiences in the intersection of creativity and technology. Is this a bridge too far or an interesting way to carry on legacies after death?

Web3 Tools Shaping Entertainment with $LEFT

Brian McGuire of $LEFT shared exciting insights with us recently on our Twitter Spaces. The discussion centered around his new project and how Web3 tools drive the evolution of the entertainment industry.

His latest project is the Bored Pepe Wax Club. It’s a community-driven NFT project with ties to weekly $WAX earnings, community competitions, animation projects, and tons of other fun. He chose Pepe due to the representation of hope and triumph that only the frog meme can capture. Pepe is very easy for a community to rally around.

Brian’s end goal is to make art accessible to all. He’s convinced this will lead to better, more evolved creations. Ideally, McGuire wants a totally creative open world. Where artists share their work with the community seeking to improve and evolve it.

Will his ideals be realized? How does Pepe captivate so many? Tune into the Twitter Spaces to learn more. We’ll make sure to bring you all the updates, in the meantime.

The New Creator Economy 🌐

Twitter – or should we say X – has been undergoing a ton of changes. Some have received criticism but others have been great for creators. Elon Musk has his sights set on empowering creators with the introduction of Ad Revenue Sharing. This signals a commitment to spotlighting and rewarding top creator talent. The program is set to distribute a staggering $5 million USD in the initial round of payments. Some creators already reporting payouts ranging from 5 to 6 figures.

To be eligible for the program, creators need to be Blue users or a verified organization. You must have at least 15 million cumulative post impressions in the last 3 months and a minimum of 500 followers. The monetized ads are placed strategically in the replies of creator’s’ posts. This incentivizes engagement and sparks discussions. Expect to see more engagement farming, hot takes, and thought-provoking content to elicit a response. There are guardrails in place to ensure that no explicit, harmful, or plagiarized material qualifies for monetization. Making sure the focus remains on collectors who are staying authentic to themselves.

Elon is aiming to build the ultimate destination for creators to thrive. Ad revenue sharing is just the first step towards rewarding many for their invaluable contributions to the platform. With Twitter/X reaching record high levels of users in 2023, the platform has solidified itself as a powerful force in the creator economy. These changes are life-altering for creators. Elon has offered them unparalleled opportunity to showcase their talent, engage with their audience, and be rewarded for their creativity on platform.

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

Discover the artistry of Tuan Jones ($CHCGO), who is influenced by his family and the beauty of making the best with little. His mission: art supplies, real estate, and agency services through community-run live/work spaces. His latest piece, “Misplaced Fruit”, a playful nod to “an apple a day,” is available now. Join him in Chicago’s Sundays on State on August 13th, for a vibrant community arts activation. Embrace the creativity and culture in the Windy City!

Our very own Harrison First ($FIRST) has some thrilling news! He’s gearing up to release his track “POP”, in Portuguese. It’ll be available on August 11th. Presave now on Showtime.XYZ for access to an exclusive collectible. Don’t miss out on this musical treat!

Prepare for an immersive journey into nature’s beauty with Harto’s ($HARTO) new generative collection, Formation. This captivating collection draws inspiration from the Fibonacci sequence, fractals, waves, and natural formations. Through the lens of digital tech and math principles, Formation blends organic and geometric patterns into artwork that captures the intricate diversity of nature. Don’t miss this limited collection.

Join the revolution of decentralized media with Take Up Space ($TUS). As a community-owned media company, Take Up Space is uniting creators, writers, and artists in an intersectional and decentralized ecosystems. Don’t miss their DAO Founders Token NFT mint, offering a membership pass and governance token to the Take Up Space DAO. Embrace the new era of on-chain media and be part of the future!

SHIPBROMAN, the top Croatian Twitch streamer of 2022, has announced an upcoming RPG Play2Earn game, SHIPR Knights. This free-to-play game, developed by X1Games_Lewis and fueled by SHIPBROMAN’s social token $SHIPC, will soon be available on Steam. SHIPC tokens can be earned through various activities, including watching SHIPBROMAN’s live Twitch channel and in-game achievements in SHIPR Knights.

With over 250,000 members worldwide engaged in Web3 discussions and digital asset management, and a history of charity and community support, the game is set to make an impact in the exploding Play2Earn gaming scene.

Featured Artists from Twitter Spaces

“Shill & Chill” continues to be a hit as various artist from Web3 come by to share their unique projects.

Recently artists have included:

  • NFT hedgehog – a new artist sharing his Mandala AI inspired work.
  • AngelNFTart – showcasing his Red Series that sees an experimental shift in his work.
  • Prismos – a classical contemporary artist who’s moody technical driven pieces of resonated deeply with collectors.
  • ItsssBonniee – a returning artist who showcased a new collection: Enchanted Views. Hues of purple, pink, and blue take collectors on a whimsical journey.
  • MAYUDrpps – another returning artist, this husband and wife team showcased some of their black and white photography this time around.
  • NSDWave – made waves yet again with her unique tribute to King Ramesses solar phenomenon.
  • Behboud Karimi – returned as well showcasing more of his stunning pencil work.
  • Nicholas Jansen – a new artist who’s hand paints his work and then digitizes and edits them through the power of his mobile phone.
  • Art At Best – returned to tease the audience with new work based of exploring his internal emotions and releasing them as art.
  • George Boya – returned showcasing a Work in Progress that shows experimentation while staying true to his stained glass style.

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

$BUENO, a purpose-driven token in the Roll Ecosystem, comes from Corina Obertas. Corina was featured on one of the first episodes of our Shill and Chill Twitter Spaces. $BUENO serves to bridge creativity with real-world utility to create a lasting impact on underprivileged communities and vulnerable animals. Each token purchase directly contributes to alleviating hunger and supporting animal welfare initiatives. $BUENO can become a catalyst for positive social impact with support from the community!

$WUBS, from Shamanic Arts, is set to be much more than a token. The musician, visual engineer, wants his token to serve a symbol of the community’s collective journey and their shared dreams. He’s balancing the creativity of his token with the content sharing. His goal is to empower his supporters by rewarding proactive engagement in promoting work and driving continued shared success. Holders of $WUBS gain access to exclusive services, personalized commissions, consultations, and limited-edition NFT art drops, all at preferential rates. Join us on this creative journey and be part of something extraordinary with $WUBS!

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