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SKULL from Skeenee is now listed on Uniswap

The next social money listing on the social money exchange is SKULL, an open community created by tattoo and crypto artist Skeenee. Working as a tattoo artist in the Maranchel suburb of Madrid, Skeenee dived into Cryptoart in early 2019. My social money, $SKULL, IS OUT!!Check this @cent article for more details on rewards & how […]

Using Social Money to Build Open Communities

Introducing Open Communities Last year, before the launch of Roll, we laid out a vision for the company: to create a platform-independent social money layer for the web. This means the value of the networks that a digital community creates online become economically independent from the platforms themselves.   This newly decoupled network value can now […]

HUE from ConnieDigital is now listed on Uniswap

The first social money listing is HUE created by blockchain-based artist @ConnieDigital. Connie has used HUE to incentivize and reward his community over the past three months on platforms like Cryptovoxels, Cent, Twitter, Discord, Opensea, his website and his mailing list.  🎉Super excited to finally introduce you to $HUE, my new reward token on […]