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Security Incident Update

We want to start by saying thanks to the incredible creators on Roll that we now consider family after the past few weeks. I want to personally thank Sascha Bailey ($BAEPAY), Didi Taihuttu ($FAMILY), Tijo ($BEAR), Joel and Travis ($HERO), Skeenee ($SKULL), Julien Bouteloup ($JULIEN), Richard Kim and Sam Engelbardt ($RNG), Alex Masmej ($ALEX), Harrison […]

Security Incident

Around 3:30am EST today, there was a security incident with Roll’s hot wallet. As a result, the attacker was able to steal all the tokens from this wallet and sell on Uniswap for ETH. As of this writing, it seems like a compromise of the private keys of our hot wallet and not a bug […]

Social Money Times #7

Hello friends, The NFT hype doesn’t stop, huh. By the time you read this the Christie’s Beeple auction should be almost over. It’s already at $13.25 million, so it’s anyone’s guess where it’s going to end up. But NFTs aren’t the only game in town. Fungibility has some things going for it, too! Welcome to Social Money […]

Social Money Times #5

Hello fellow Rollers, I guess Elon wasn’t kidding when he said he was into Bitcoin. While Tesla loads up on cryptocurrency, spare a thought for the guy who spent 91.4 BTC on a Tesla back in 2013 — that’s worth over $4 million today. Let’s see who’s been on a roll the past few weeks, this is the Social Money […]

Social Money Times #6

Hello Rollers, Well, the crypto markets just won’t give us a break. It looks like NFTs are all the rage now, with everyone from Chamath and Mark Cuban weighing in. Wait til they hear about this other thing we’ve been talking about for a while now called “social money” that’s fungible! It’ll blow their minds!  With that, let’s get into this […]

Social Money Times #3

Hi Friends, Welcome to Issue #3 of the Social Money Times. We celebrate creators like Didi from $FAMILY and the $LADZ crew for reaching over 100k in liquidity (100k club!), spotlight our friends at One/Off – the pseudonymous collective behind the social money $BLACK, and highlight some end of the year wrap-ups and notable events […]

Social Money Times #1

Hey friends,  🥳 It’s the first issue of The Social Money Times. Our weekly newsletter on everything going on in the Roll universe. This edition covers new Roll creators, updates from NiftyQ of $LADZ, DJ Kelly Green who recently launched $GREEN, Roll’s video with Singularity University, and more!  Who’s On A Roll 1️⃣ Book club merger. Two heavyweight communities might join forces…with […]

Social Money Times #2

🚀How about that bitcoin price? Welcome to the second issue of the Social Money Times. We take a look at new projects from $JAMM creator Brian Flynn and $ALEX’s Alex Masmej, cast a spotlight on the $DSGN community, and pick out the best Christmas events for social money.  Who’s on a Roll 1️⃣ A $WHALE of a […]