A Social Token Sleigh Ride Through the Wonderful World of Web3 – Social Token Times #35

👋 Rollers,

Santa tell me if you’re really there…

THREE more weeks to get all those stockings stuffed. Take a deep breath. Stay calm. You’ll make it! What do you want the Man with the Bag to leave you in your wallet this year?

From the North Pole to South Beach, Art Basel is underway. The Swiss-based art festival launched on US soil from Miami Beach in 2002. We can expect the art and artists down in Miami to shake the metaverse snow globe that’s for sure.

It’s another week, another bankruptcy filing. Reeling from the FTX fallout, this time BlockFi has to pack their knives and go. The crypto lender will try to recoup about $680 million from FTX. Good luck! Be careful that you too don’t get chopped out there. Make sure you’re always doing your own research.

This is the season of perpetual hope. It seems there’s light at the end of the mass adoption tunnel. J.P. Morgan and Mastercard have both announced plans for crypto platforms. Each has put a firm emphasis on privacy and security. There are 249 million Mastercards in the United States alone. With another 725 million Mastercards around the world. That’s 974 million wallets attended to with care, with our hopes that crypto assets might soon be there.

Which token should the Big Man bring you this holiday season? Let us know on Twitter! The Creator Economy continues to thrive. People are following their passionate pursuits and we love to see it. Welcome to a quick sleigh ride through the Web3 Winter Wonderland.

This is Social Token Times #35!

Who’s on a Roll 👀

1️⃣ Founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, shared a personal statement this week. In it, the news that auction-based platform, Fragment, hit $50 million dollars in their sales of usernames. Durov also shared his solution for a blockchain-based project moving forward in the current climate – decentralization. Telegram plans to launch non-custodial crypto wallets as well as a decentralized exchange (DEX) using their popular messaging app. This would be the first time Telegram would be integrating their Telegram Open Network with their application. Given the estimated 700 million monthly users Telegram boasts their should be an audience from the start as these features roll out.

2️⃣ Time to Moon! TIME President Ketih Grossman announced that he will be joining MoonPay. Under his tenure at TIME Grossman embraced digital asset adoption. He ensured TIME accepted crypto as a method of payment for subscriptions. Grossman also oversaw the launch of the TimePieces Initative. The Initative featured NFT collections showcasing original artwork. MoonPay, a company that builds payment infrastructure for crypto, had a Series A funding round of $555 million dollars last year. Keith Grossman, with a war chest at his disposal and an actionable track record, will be one to keep an eye on.

3️⃣ South Africa is starting to hold crypto businesses more accountable. Lawmakers in the country have added crypto to the list of accountable institutions. Businesses will now have to identify and define both new and existing customers. The legislation mandates a record kept of all identities. The move comes on the heels of more regulation calls after the collapse of FTX. This isn’t the first legislation passed aimed at crypto in South Africa recently. Earlier in October, South Africa classified crypto assets as financial products.

Tokenization: 1 of 5 Trends to Push Adoption of Blockchain Past 1 Billion Users

Tokenization will push blockchain past 1 billion users. Kitco.com calls out the creator economy as a tool to do so.

Creator communities continue to evolve. These communities demand improvement. The interfaces and experiences of the past need improvement. If not upgraded users are not engaged or enticed. The word of mouth dies fast.

Amit Rathore behind Shoptype and the $OTC token seems to have a solution to make sure engagement thrives. Shoptype aims to drive organic sales through social commerce, enabling peer-to-peer marketing where everyone can shop, share, create, and earn. He joined the Membership Thursday Twitter Space with the Roll Team to discuss.

During the conversation, Amit discussed the Coseller Protocol that exists behind Shoptype and the $OTC token. Amit believes that connecting us all beneath Web2, Web 2.5, and Web3 is Web0. “Web0 is people,” Amit said on Space.

Amit sees us living fragmented lives on the Internet. His solution to unite us is a simple social commerce model. Take a community of users. Those users drive engagement and transactions by accessing digital content all across the Internet.

Shoptype and the Coseller Protocol aim to pay those users for that engagement and those transactions. The user would profit from any sale that was made on a participating network. If you want to participate, check out Shoptype here. Amit’s vision connects all the various dots across the web. Users would get paid out across their full-funnel journey.

An engaging conversation, this week’s Membership Thursday Spaces is highly worth a look!

The New Creator Economy 🌐

Web3 launches 🚀

$MED Memberships

Dr. Felix Lugo is seeking to bridge the divide in the world of female reproductive health. He’s launched his memberships powered by his $MED token. An accomplished OB/GYN, Dr. Lugo has found an active community on Youtube. He sees $MED as a way to provide value to his community or at his live events. Dr. Lugo thinks social tokens are the most valuable tool a creator has to thank their community. We share his enthusiasm!

Dr. Lugo stopped by to discuss how social tokens and social money can fit into the world of public health. Catch the Twitter Spaces Replay to hear some interesting ideas about blockchain in the health sector.

$WATERS Memberships

Marley Waters has launched his Crystal and Clear Membership lots. The $WATERS token powers these Memberships.

You may have seen Marley as part of the group Status Quo, on America’s Best Dance Crew. With Naz, Jadakiss, and others amongst his influences, Marley is a Boston native. A natural-born artist Marley is a world-class songwriter, producer, singer, rapper, and DJ.

$WATERS is a revolutionary Web3 token. Bringing social utility and access to his music is Marley’s vision. The Crystal and Clear Memberships aim to break those barriers. Marley’s fans can expect access to unreleased tracks and early releases. Marley will offer access to VIP passes to hang at a show as well. This type of access is incredible for fans!

Be sure to catch our Twitter Spaces Replay with Marley.

$LYTH Memberships

Searching for an opportunity to advance in the Web3 Space, spoken word creator Autumn came across Roll. She chose to launch $LYTH. Short for Lighthouse LYT – Learn Your Tribe the community-powered social token will be earned by completing curriculum courses and participating in events with AutuMedia.

$LYTH will be used to vote for community leaders, access discounts and perks, as well as purchase event tickets, products, and services from AutuMedia. Those in the Learn Your Tribe community can plan on Autumn leveraging her remote content marketing, brand development, lead generation, and performance optimization skills. With three different tribe Memberships to choose from, there is a membership tier for everyone!

Autumn’s appearance on Twitter Space featured a spoken word performance. Make sure to check it out!

DAOs all the way down (🤝, 🏠)

On the heels of popular Spotify feature Wrapped launching Wednesday. StemsDAO joined our Membership Thursday Twitter Spaces to talk music.

Spotify Wrapped shows users personalized stats from their year in music. This year Spotify launched personalized messages from some of the top artists to thank their fans for supporting them. Connecting artists to their communities is something that StemsDAO also does.

StemsDAO recently ran a remix contest with artist, Poolside. Poolside posted Stems from one of his tracks for fans to remix. A life long Poolside fan won the opportunity to record, open for, and DJ with Poolside.

Check out the Twitter Spaces recording to hear more of our discussion around community and music.

🔦 Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

Roll creator Hackatao ($MORK) recently sat down with NFT Granny for a fun interview. The interview included a discussion about the pair’s new Queens + Kings project, which was conceived on their Discord. All traits in the project are individual NFTs. Hackatao wants PFPs to be customizable. This will help best represent the collector behind the JPEG. The duo’s most recent project dropped this week. It’s a collab with high-end electronics company Bang & Olufsen, entitled “The DNA Collection.” This collection features collaborations between artists in Web3. “The DNA Collection” will help launch Bang & Olufsen’s metaverse. Holders can look forward to accessing exclusive products and experiences.

Wanna earn a few bucks? Who doesn’t! Marty is giving away some of his POORBUCKS ($PRBS) over on his Twitter page! Come and get them while supplies are still available. An excellent case use for what Roll and its creator communities have in store for the future of engagement on the Internet!

Justin Fredericks, CEO of ArtHouse.AR ($AR), stopped by a recent Membership Thursday Twitter Space to catch up. Justin sizzled Art House’s involvement in Art Basel. Friday Night they delivered some steak to match.

First, Justin and Art House, played a key role in Scope Art Show’s main stage panel of “The Physical-Meets-Digital Future. The stimulating conversation of the panel guests was matched by a buzzworthy backdrop from ArtBlocks IO. The backdrop was a piece of motion-powered art. One of the pieces highlighted on this innovative display was from the digital artist Parse/Error.

Art House also delivered an amazing AR experience for the World of Women NFT Gala. Collaborating with designer, Luis Fernandez, the pair were was able to bring metaverse ARchitecture to the Gala Event WITHOUT an app. Make sure to take a look at this incredible feat over at Justin’s Twitter page. Incredible work!

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

  • $RNA is powering the ecosystem of SerumLabzThe community for digital natives is focused on immersing their members in the culture of collaboration instead of constant competition. Truly a WAGMI sentiment. $RNA is backed by various projects that will deliver physical and metaversal content, information, and experiences. With growing numbers worldwide, SerumLabz is for the new generation of digital enthusiasts. They are focused on the long-term discussion and immersion of Web3. They have emerged as one of the pioneers in the NFT space to bring together projects into one shared ecosystem. $RNA will help Serum create a sense of stability and growth for all its holders.
  • $STUREC is OG crypto artist Sturec’s token. A multifaceted artist & engineer, Sturec has spent a lifetime trying to find a career that inspires. Looking forward to seeing what this amazing creator has on tap.
  • $DPROD is a token from the Greenlit Protocol. Greenlit Protocol provides Web3 tools for decentralized rights management, royalty recoupment, and content distribution. Part of the Film3 movement, Greenlit looks to change the film industry.

You can learn more about new creators joining the Roll fam every Monday in our New Token Monday Twitter Space!

Announcements 📣
We have a new member of the Roll Team. We are thrilled to welcome, @soitsjustj, as our Community Manager! Formerly of Dapper Labs and NFL ALL DAY, Jason is looking forward to continuing to build and strengthen communities across the Web3 landscape. Jason, a native Philadelphian, is a passionate sports fan, a live music junkie, and knows that Han shot first. If you ever want to collaborate or have any questions about Roll, feel free to reach out to him via Twitter. He’s always willing to chat. We wish him luck and we’re lucky to have him on our team.

Required Tweeting 📝

Roll was featured by Tools For Crypto. The Roll team is happy to discuss social tokens with an creator. We’re eager to help continue to build the Creator Economy.

AceofAfrica also shared Roll in his Web3 Creator Economy Map. The map lists 100+ tools that creators should use to get the most out of Web3. Roll is honored to be mentioned along with other innovative and groundbreaking products. We’re looking forward to advancing and improving the Creator Economy for all.

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