Happy 2023! The Year of the Social Token.

Happy New Year, Rollers!

Happy New Year, Rollers!

Welcome to 2023 – the best year yet for the creator economy and social tokens. At least if we have a say in it!

The world is changing. So is the way that we consume and create content. We’re excited that here at Roll, we are at the forefront of that change.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. New tools and features on our platform. Exciting partnerships and initiatives. We’re dedicated to giving our creators all the tools they need to succeed.

This year the creator economy will experience a major shift. More people will turn to creators for everything from entertainment to education. Social tokens will play a big part in that.

Here’s to 2023. Let it be a year of growth, opportunity, and innovation. We can make it happen together. Cheers to the New Year.

Who’s on a Roll 👀

1️⃣ Crypto’s on fire to start off the year, reaching a new nine week high of $900 billion.

Tokens like GalaAptos and Bitcoin are breaking out of their slumber, recording huge gains. Is this the start of a new bull run or a trap? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, the crypto space is feeling optimistic.

2️⃣ Roll was at CES, the largest consumer technology show in the world. It was an exciting time for the company. Roll was invited as a thought leader in the web3 space and had the opportunity to meet with a lot of exciting companies and startups in the industry.

CES was a great opportunity for Roll to showcase its cutting-edge technology and share its vision for the future of web3 with the world. Roll was able to connect with industry leaders and influencers, and discuss the latest developments and trends in the space. CES was a great platform for Roll to highlight how its tools and services can help companies and creators to unlock the true potential of their communities.

Overall, CES was a successful event for Roll, and the company is looking forward to participating in more events like this in the future, to continue sharing its vision and connecting with the web3 community.

3️⃣ Bitcoin education is taking a huge step forward. Texas A&M is offering some of their 74,000 students a chance to enroll in a “Bitcoin Protocol” course. With a follow up class already planned, filling the gaps in crypto education and financial literacy may be here.

Roll Staking: Boosting Rewards and Security for Communities

Cryptocurrency is off to a strong start this year. More and more people are exploring different ways to use their crypto assets. As a result, liquidity protocols and governance tokens have seen a surge in popularity. Staking protocols like Lido have seen their Total Value Locked (TVL) in liquidity pools increase substantially.

But what exactly is a liquidity protocol and why is it so important? Think of it as a special piggy bank for your crypto assets. By staking your assets, like social tokens, into a liquidity pool, you earn rewards on your staked assets.

Roll Staking is here to help liquidity pool creators provide even more rewards to their users. Our goal is to incentivize people to contribute to a creator’s liquidity campaign, helping them get fairly compensated for their time and effort. With Roll Staking, anyone can create their own staking campaigns, leading to stronger and more aligned communities.

$RNA by Serum Labz

Take Serum Labz for example. They recently stopped by Roll’s Membership Thursday Twitter Space. They discussed how they’re using Roll Staking to reward their community for joining their liquidity pool. In November, Serum joined forces with Outercasts and MadMythics, creating a collaborative ecosystem of projects that share resources and support each other.

The $RNA token is at the center of this ecosystem. It can be earned through a variety of ways like staking, holding Serum NFTs, and winning a Monthly Giveaway for holders. All of these rewards will help to increase the TVL of $RNA token and the success of the ecosystem.

Serum Labz keeps people engaged with their unique rewards. Community members earn rewards by staking as well as holding. Serum Labz runs a monthly giveaway that enters all holders of CloneKongz. Each holder earns a proportional amount of entries per Kongz held.

The more engage community members are, the more they stand to gain. And as the value of the project increases, the members see direct financial gain from their engagement. No wonder liquidity pools are surging in popularity. They’re a way for community members to not only support a project but also benefit from it.

Make sure to check out Serum Labz’s appearance on the Roll Twitter Spaces. Hear more about their vision for $RNA and their growing collective!

The New Creator Economy 🌐

Tired of navigating the complex and ever-changing music industry? Mastercard and Polygon have got your back. Together, they’re launching the Mastercard Artist Accelerator. The revolutionary program will connect emerging artists with Web3 mentors who will them build and own their digital brands.

Mastercard Artist Accelerator

The program will also teach artists how to represent themselves in a world gone virtual. These mentors will help artists create engaged and active communities. And to top it off, they’ll be showcasing the artist’s work through a live-stream later this year.

If artists aren’t selected for the program, Mastercard has them covered with the Mastercard Music Pass NFT Collection. It will provide holders with educational materials and unique resources to help them learn more about Web3.

Web3 has the potential to revolutionize the music industry. It can help streamline metadata management. It can help facilitate effective payments and more effective reporting of usage. Major players like Warner Music and Mastercard are already exploring its potential.

DAOs all the way down (🤝, 🏠)

The Symmetrical is a gen Z DAO that is exploring the forefont of the Internet. Earlier this week Roll co-founder, Sid Kalla, appeared on their podcast.

Make sure to check out the engaging conversation about Roll and the future of social tokens.

Check out The Symmetrical now!

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

Sgt. Sl8termelon ($MELON) has a new project and it’s a banger.

“Professor Melonius & Professor Emeritus Pentanaux Peer-Reviewed Dissertations” is the name of the collab with FiveTimesNo.

One can expect a complex, modern twist on classic geometry. Featuring textured mechanical details that suggest there’s more than meets the eye.

With one piece already collected, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Sgt. Sl8termelon’s latest collab

Collage artist George Boya ($BOYA) has a new drop coming this Monday!

The Street Icons collage series will show dreamy beauty against harsh reality. It will showcase hope vs. desperation.

It’s been a while since George had a drop and we’re excited for this one!

George Boya’s Street Icon series

Hackatao ($MORK) is earning some frequent flier miles this year. We reported the duo’s appearance at NFT.NYC this year in a previous issue of the Social Token Times. This time, they’re heading to Blind Talk in Libson.

They’re offering discounted tickets for their Q+K community. They’re available on a first come, first serve basis. Mint your ticket now.

Catch Hackatao in Libson

WGMeets ($WGM) has announced his first curated release. The Bear Chronicles will be available from Nifty Gateway. The drop is on January 17th at 6:30 EST. Make sure you hurry, the drop is only available for 24 hours.

The Bear Chronicles

Introducing Blocks: a revolutionary new project from Harto ($HARTO), in partnership with Foundation.

Blocks features generative art. With 125 unique 3D pieces, the project is inspired by the Merkle parent principle. Each minted at an affordable .027 ETH.

The project draws on Harto’s childhood passion for art and design. Blocks combines Harto’s career experiences with principles of art, design and mathematics. This combination then intersects with the latest in automation, coding, and blockchain technology.

Make sure to join Harto on a journey of exploration and creation.

Blocks from Harto

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

Welcome to the Roll fam!

  • $PRES is the token for a decentralized news fact check. The community will be able to earn the token by validating news articles.
  • $LYRIS is an eco friendly community. They make products from recycled materials. These products are handcrafted one of one designs. They’re made by Filipino women as part of a NGO.
  • $SAIL is a collection of 9,999 ships. These ships contain dazzling designs from amazing new worlds. They come from 51 of the world’s top Crypto Artists.

We’re excited for all our new Roll projects and creators.

Announcements 📣

The Social Token Research Lab 🧪

Attention social token enthusiasts!

The Social Token Research Lab still has some openings. Our initiative to build top-notch, sustainable products puts you, the user, first. Want to test the latest version of our products and give feedback? Join the Lab and earn $5 for each feature tested.

If you’re a Roll product veteran and want in on the action, sign up here – bit.ly/roll-lab.

We’ll hit you up for an interview. Let’s take social tokens to the next level, together.

Required Tweeting 📝

Roll CEO, Bradley Miles, sat down with Anthony Lacavera to discuss social tokens and building creator communities.

We are hiring! 🙋‍♀️

Roll is hiring for roles to expand out team and accelerate building out social token infrastructure. We are a global distributed team, super collaborative and fun environment to make a difference. Come join us!

Check out the job descriptions. Drop up a note at [email protected] if you are interested in either position or know someone in your network who might be a good fit 👀

Bye for Now 👋