Love is in the Air: A Social Token Valentine – Social Token Times #38

Happy February, friends. As the Year of Social Tokens begins, Web3 has been pumping with excitement. In our last Social Token Times, we said that 2023 would be the year of social tokens and the creator economy. So far, it’s living up to the hype!

In this issue, we’re bringing you stories from creators all across our Roll ecosystem. We’re giving you a glimpse into the world of the creator economy. But that’s not all!

We’re also taking an interesting look at finding love in the digital age, in the midst of the loneliness epidemic. Just in time for this Valentine’s season!

So grab your someone special and snuggle up. This issue is sure to leave you feeling the love, Web3 style!

Who’s On A Roll 👀

1️⃣ Twitter is rolling out the red carpet for the future of social media payments with the introduction of “Coins.”

The new feature allows users to support content creators by purchasing coins that can then be used to award other users. The option for creators to withdraw is triggered when they’ve banked $50 dollars. The withdraw process is being powered by Stripe, with a plan to possibly include crypto in the plans. This is just the beginning of a new era of social token rewards.

2️⃣ First, Ebay acquires KnownOrigin. Then Amazon tells us their hiring up on AWS due to surging Web3 clients. Now, you can trade S&P 500 on Uniswap. Is Web3 mass adoption rolling right along?

3️⃣ Snoop Dogg is once again making some music up in the metaverse. He recently dropped a open edition NFT. The .00420 ETH (8$ USD) price point is a witty reference to a timeless career. Open editions keep rolling on, as over 6K of Snoop’s been minted!

Understanding the Power of Social Tokens in the Loneliness Epidemic with the New Society For Wellness

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s safe to save that love is in the air. However, loneliness is too. Reports state that 36% of all Americans feel serious loneliness. Many citing the COVID 19 pandemic for their rising feelings of emptiness. No matter the reason, one thing is for certain this is an issue crippling the current population.

Technology, for all the good it has done, hasn’t helped in this regard. Social media, dating apps, all these technological advancements designed to make us feel more connect do just the opposite. Many feel even more alone. Feeling alone more users turn towards these apps for validation.

A study found that 44% of Tinder users only use the dating app for a confidence boost. Even worse 70% of users report never meeting with their matches AT ALL. Yet 80% of those surveyed reported looking for a serious relationship. This math isn’t adding up. Is their technology that can actually connect us? Web3 and social tokens may hold some answers.

The New Society for Wellness is using their social token $LOVER in an attempt tab at reducing loneliness in their community. They foster connection online with an engaged community. They port this energy into their IRL events. Community members feel more connected to one another and the larger cause of the NSFW.

It’s important to note that social tokens nor Web3 is a cure for the loneliness epidemic. It’s just one of many approaches that could be utilized to deal with such a complex and crippling issue.

As shown by the New Society for Wellness, social tokens can help foster even stronger feelings of community and connectedness. Tokens allow individuals to express their individuality and be a part of something larger themselves, a community. These feelings of connectedness and purpose may help lessen the loneliness that is sweeping the globe.

Make sure to listen into their conversation with Roll on our Twitter Page!

The New Creator Economy 🌐

YouTube has monetized their popular feature Shorts by allowing short-form videos to earn a share of ad revenue. This move sets a precedent for supporting the creator economy. Industry experts predict that more platforms will follow. Platforms have invested more in enhancing the short-form experience, attracting creators, users, and advertisers alike.

Shorts provide creators with the ability to stay relevant by taking advantage of current trends. The quick production time allows for a fast-paced flow of content, making it a race against the clock and competition. Aspiring creators should aim to produce content across various platforms, reaching new audiences and growing their community.

It’s important for creators to embrace new tools and focus on creating engaging content to stay ahead in the ever-evolving creator economy. This is the key to success in 2023.

DAOs all the way down (🤝, 🏠)

Take Up Space DAO ($TUS) just celebrated their one year anniversary. What started one year ago has blossomed beautifully. We’re happy that underrepresented groups are finding their voice in both the IRL and Web3 Worlds. Way to go Changemarkers!

Co-founder Hannah recently shared her top tip for creators in 2023!

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

Introducing Mister Goldie, the latest project from the creator of Scary Garys, Gary Ghosts, and $SCARY.

Explore the dark and spooky streets of Gary, Indiana as trick-or-treaters embark on a daring adventure. With a twist that will leave you on the edge of your seat, Mister Goldie mints on February 8th. Stay tuned for details on if the $SCARY token will come into play as a part of this new collection.

Exciting news for fans of $LUV. Creator Illan Katin has teamed up with online zine SLOTH for a special collab!

Ilan’s art was featured in SLOTH’s February 1st issue, showcasing his talent alongside 45 other artists across 48 pages. This is a fantastic opportunity for Ilan and the LUV community to reach a wider audience.

Roll’s own Harrison First ($FIRST) is thrilled to announce the release of his new song, “You.

This latest project blends showcases Harrison’s love for music and art, giving fans a unique and collectible piece to treasure. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to own a piece of Harrison’s musical legacy.

Heading to NFT.NYC? What about W3 Conference in Montreal. If you are you might see some art from a familiar name.

WGMeets ($WGM) has been announced as a the cover sponsor for TheCuratorMag at both events. Curator is a freely distributed magazine for the attendees of Web3 and NFT events. It’s an incredible tool for NFT artists and their community to gain exposure in the space.

This is in addition to WGMeets’ Ventana project. The project features AI photorealistic art that blends apartment complexes and towers with billowing, beautiful clouds. Pieces will airdrop to you every Monday if you’re holding the original mint. The final piece will only be claimable for holders of 1-9 ONLY.

Who’s ready for a game-changer in the world of magazines? The innovative team at Art House ($AR) are joining forces with ALL CITY for a revolutionary new project.

With the help of a grant from the ApeCoin DAO, ALL CITY is lunching Beyond the Swamp. Beyond the Swamp will push the boundaries of what a magazine can be. Get ready to experience the art in a whole new way. The gang at ArtHouse bring the pages of Beyond the Swamp to life.

Looking to see the power of social tokens in action? GiselX is currently rewarding the collectors of $OHFF – the official token of the New York Ice Cream Gallery. The reward is available for collectors who have used Gisel’s art to create a gallery on 0xDecaArt.

Just another way creators can reward their community for staying interactive and engaged.

Harto stopped by Roll’s New Token Monday. He shared insights on his successful Blocks project as well as the launch of $HARTO.

He discussed ideas for potential rewards for holders, including an idea to gain access to him as a creator. It was a fascinating look into the world of a digital artist. Make sure to catch the replay.

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

Welcome to the Roll Fam!

  • $GDLK – Join the exclusive club of top artists, engineers, producers, and designers in the space with the $GDLK token.

    Made up of former Disney and Pixar talent, this invite-only DAO offers token-gated access and voting rights on important proposals. GDLK Studios is on a mission to encourage growth and understanding. Get your hands on $GDLK and be a part of this dynamic and visionary community.
  • $INK – Ready to dive into social tokens?

    $INK, created by Jonathan Malory, will reward community members for writing guides and articles about the forthcoming DAO. $INK will be redeemable for IRL rewards such as merch or discounts. Join Jonathan on his vision for a thriving creator economy and become part of the INK community.
  • $KKCR – Join up with the KKCrew a community of Mutant Apes on an important mission. That’s to collect and hold the most impactful pieces of art from across the metaverse. With their token, you’ll gain access to exclusive content and secret areas of their website and Discord.

    Through creating, engaging, holding, and trading you’ll be rewarded with $KKCR tokens. These tokens hold immense power with their access to voting rights and the DAO vault. Don’t miss out on the big plans. Get your hands on some $KKCR ASAP.
  • $STORY -Unlock the stories of the world’s indie artists. With $STORY, you’ll have access to unique and captivating narratives from talented independent artists from around the world. Join the community of creativityand expression and be part of something special.
  • $AMBER – The social token for the passionate community of amber wine enthusiasts. It’s a unique and flavorful experience, just like the amber wines they love.

    With their token, they are bringing together a community of connoisseurs and experts to celebrate the art and science of this unique wine. With a documentary about their beloved wine set to be released and buzz about creating a decentralized wine, you don’t want to miss out. You’ll get access to some of Europe’s top wine makers! Join up for a taste of something special.

We are excited for all our new Roll projects and creators.

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