Springing Forward into the Creator Economy: Social Token Times #39

👋 Rollers,

As we enter into spring, the creator economy continues to thrive.

From the integration of NFTs in popular platforms like Spotify to the launch of MetaMask’s SDK in the Unity Asset Store, web3 adoption is on the rise. This offers creators and their communities a more immersive and community-driven experience.

Building a strong community remains essential. Platforms like Instagram are stepping up to provide more tools for monetization and fan engagement.

As we head into spring, the creator economy is set to continue to bloom with exciting developments. Come along with us to catch the latest news from the Roll Ecosystem and beyond!

Who’s on a Roll 👀

Metamask has launched the MetaMask SDK in the Unity Asset Store. Now, users can connect their games to their MetaMask wallet. This enable users to interact with web3-enabled features within the games themselves. This a huge step forward in web3 adoption, allowing gamers to fully immerse themselves in the decentralized world.

Yuga Labs is set to release a new NFT collection. TwelveFold, minted on the Bitcoin-based Ordinals protocol will be their newest project. The collection features 300 art NFTs that include 3D elements and hand-drawn features. The auction for TwelveFold will open later this week on Yuga’s Twitter account. Keep your eyes peeled and make sure you have some Bitcoin in your wallet.

Snapchat’s new AI chatbot, “My AI,” is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and one of the first clients of OpenAI’s new enterprise tier called Foundry. It marks the beginning of a major investment area for Snap and highlights the future potential applications of Foundry. Creators should consider leveraging AI technology like this for their own businesses.

The Art of Building a Strong Creator Community

A strong community is essential for creators who want to succeed in the creator economy. A creator’s community is their direct line of communication with their most dedicated fans.

Recently Roll hosted Laurennn, Creative Director at Verb Labs for a Twitter Space to discuss the importance of community.

On the Spaces it was stressed that community is everything. A strong community can help creators increase reach, engagement, and revenue potential. Laurennn discussed how multi-facted community can be. It’s a juggle of communications, marketing, growth. She discussed that it’s often difficult to explain the job of a community manager to different people.

Laurennn also discussed how the creator economy and Web3 allow communities and creators to be themselves. The authenticity is what matters in the space. Creators should remain genuine and transparent. By being yourself, passion shines through. This is what leads to a strong community destined for success.

Consistency is another important building block in a strong community. Those creators who care consistent with their content and engagement are more likely to have a more engaged community. Regularly engaging the audience and providing valuable content helps creators keep their communities active.

This past week’s Twitter Spaces showed why building a strong community is key. Fostering a sense of community allows creators to build the following to support them through their careers.

The New Creator Economy 🌐

Instagram is testing “Channels,” which allows creators to share exclusive content with their entire audience through their inbox. It’s a response to other platforms that help creators engage with their audience. The feature will be available over the next few months, and channels will also support AMA and collaborations with other creators.

This development will give creators an opportunity to increase engagement and build relationships with their audience directly on Instagram. It will also offer more tools for monetization and branding. As a social token infrastructure company, we’re excited about this development and look forward to its impact on the creator economy. We’ll continue to support creators as they explore new ways to engage and build their communities.

Spotify Testing Token-Enabled Playlists

Spotify is testing token-enabled playlists for select NFT holders. This move highlights the increasing trend of the integration of social tokens into popular platforms. By leveraging NFTs, creators and communities can have a more immersive and community-driven experience, which can lead to increased monetization opportunities.

This is a promising development for the creator economy as it continues to decentralize and democratize the music industry. Platforms like Spotify, Audius; who launched a partnership with TikTok, and Royal are paving the way for new models of monetization and fan engagement in the music industry.

DAOs all the way down (🤝, 🏠)

Looking to thrive as a diverse creator in 2023? Join Take Up Space DAO‘s ($TUS) Creatorthon, a 2-day summit featuring exclusive insights, knowledge, and advice from social experts and innovative tools and technology.

Centering on underrepresented creators, the event covers topics from mental health to co-creation in the creator economy. TUS DAO members even get to curate the conference with topic and speaker requests. Mint a membership NFT for free access and join the supportive community of diverse creators worldwide. Don’t miss out on leveling up your creator journey with Creatorthon 2023!

Exciting news for the gaming and esports industry in India!

IndiGG has been acquired by Kratos Studios, with a $20M investment for future growth and acceleration. With a focus on collaboration, IndiGG is earmarking funds to invest in game teams worldwide. Whether you’re a designer or have a project in mind, reach out for potential collaborations. SandeenPnailwal, co-founder of Polygon, will continue to advise, and Nazardotcom has also invested in the project’s future. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of this vibrant community!

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

Griff($LENRD) has received an award for his work in the NFT space. The award is an Honorable Mention for Outstanding Design and Creativity in the NFT space. It comes in recognition of his project “Giant Ghosts.”

The award is a testament to not only Griff’s amazing creative talent but his dedication to engaging with his community through his token.

Streetball legend, the Professor ($CROSS), is back at it again with his latest Youtube video. In the video, the Professor shows NBA Dunk Contest Champion, Mac McClung one of the most controversial moves in the basketball!

McClung, who has hundreds of millions of Youtube views himself, is the latest NBA darling. He injected much needed energy into the dunk contest earlier this month during the NBA’s All Star Weekend. McClung’s rise to fame has been rapid, both on and off the court.

What’s the move you ask? Watch the video to find out!

Sgt. Slaghter’s ($MELON) latest project “Inaccessible Worlds: Lost Levels – the Art of Busted Games & Esoteric Hidden Stages” explores lost levels from video games. It’s a captivating collection that features stunning imagery drawing it’s inspiration from hidden stages, glitches, and easter eggs that games have loved for years.

This collection showcases a keen eye for detail and expert understanding of pop culture, video games, and art history. It’s intriguging and thought provoking. It challenges us to think about the boundaries of reality, imagination, and creativity.

It captures the essence of what makes video games so special.

Exciting news! Creator Harto ($HARTO) has sold out his SATS collection of 99 ordinals inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain. Harto is leading a talented ecosystem of artists in the Ordinal circle, with more onboarded in the coming weeks.

Plus, updates to the POL and Blocks ecosystem are on the horizon. Stay tuned for more!

ASKNIGHTS ($ARTK) just opened their marketplace, featuring highly curated crypto art.

They’re focused on developing the most efficient international platform for the art industry, utilizing emerging technologies. ASKNIGHTS is bringing innovative ideas to life by combining the art industry with tech and space innovations. For more information, reach out to them today!

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

Welcome to the Roll fam!

We’re excited for all our new Roll projects and creators.

$RC – $RC is going to change the game for underserved community. Based in the Southwest United States, $RC hopes to start locally. The plan is to help local businesses as $RC seeks to help close the wealth gap. They want us all to join in democratizing the local market and creating prosperous communities.

$LIGHT – $LIGHT is a tool for lovers of creative expression. Commission Simon Lofgren’s photography and videography skills while supporting his art. Connect with this visionary “Director of Anything” and be part of something truly unique. Get $LIGHT and illuminate your world!

$YOMA – Introducing the token for artist YomaArt. Ther German artist sees the token being earned through fan driven interactions. Holders can expect exclusive community access and merch discounts. It should prove to be an exciting journey of fan loyalty and community.

$OURLD – $OURLD is the token for Our Land Dao. They are a community-driven DAO promoting diversity, inclusion, equality, and education. Holding their token comes with rewards, partner access, events, and more. Help be a positive impact across all of their initiatives!

$SS – Elevate your YouTube experience with SubSub’snew token – the ultimate tool for supporting creators and fans alike. Join a thriving community of content lovers, earn rewards for your support, and connect with your favorite creators like never before. Don’t miss out on this exciting new chapter in the world of YouTube – get your SS token today!

Announcements 📣

The Social Token Research Lab 🧪

Attention social token enthusiasts!

The Social Token Research Lab still has some openings. Our initiative to build top-notch, sustainable products puts you, the user, first. Want to test the latest version of our products and give feedback? Join the Lab and earn $5 for each feature tested.

If you’re a Roll product veteran and want in on the action, sign up here – bit.ly/roll-lab.

We’ll hit you up for an interview. Let’s take social tokens to the next level, together.

Required Tweeting 📝

Happy to be connecting with Web3 Musicians! We appreciate the opportunity to be thought leaders in this space. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and tools with those looking to elevate and evolve themselves and their communities. Our VP of Product & Operations, Ellie Li will be leading a session on Social Tokens on March 16!

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Roll is hiring for roles to expand out team and accelerate building out social token infrastructure. We are a global distributed team, super collaborative and fun environment to make a difference. Come join us!

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