Puff, Puff, Passing Along the Latest Social Token Updates: Social Token Times #42

👋 Rollers,

As we celebrate a special Social Toke-n Times, we cant help but exhale our excitement at the budding success of our community. Our innovative creators are experiencing blazing growth across all sectors.

We have the digital nomads of $FAMILY. There’s a collection of artists preparing to set $SAIL. $LOVER is making a push into the recreational cannabis industry. And many more. There’s something for everyone on Roll.

Each one of these communities presents a unique opportunity to help us shape the future. As the market continues its bull run, we can keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 🌿🎉

Who’s on a Roll 👀

1️⃣ Meta plans to expand its Reels monetization program to include more creators. The company has been working on Reels ads for the past year, but only selected creators could display these ad overlay promotions. The option is being opened up to more users with added tools to help creators continue to build their online communities.🤳

2️⃣ Nike is launching its first NFT drop on its .Swoosh platform. It features a virtual sneaker NFT paying tribute to the iconic Nike Air Force 1. The Our Force 1 (OF1) collection offers Classic Remix and New Wave boxes featuring scattered, unique, customized AF1s. Nike will airdrop virtual AF1 posters to .Swoosh members. The aim is to offer more access to exclusive physical products and experiences for OF1 box holders in the future.

3️⃣ Crypto has entered a new bullish cycle, according to a recent report from brokerage firm Bernstein. According to their report, the collapse of FTX cleared out the last of the “toxic crypto leverage” while highlighting the importance of decentralization. Bitcoin ($BTC) and Ethereum ($ETH) have rallied 80% and 76% this year. The cycle is expected to attract significant institutional investment. Stay tuned for a booming crypto era! 🌟

🏦💪 Bankless & Bold: $FAMILY Empowers People’s Control Over Their Financial Future

On a recent Twitter Spaces we sat down with Didi Taihuttu, head of the Bitcoin $FAMILY.

Didi and his family have been living bankless since selling everything and going ALL IN on Bitcoin in 2017. They have truly embraced the digital nomad lifestyle.

Didi’s main goal is establishing a community that shares wealth and empowers people. The $FAMILY token was created to bring together at its heart.

Now more than ever, Didi Didi sees the need for decentralization. Jobs and society are finally starting to become untethered from the physical realm. Companies gave up on offices, he doesn’t understand why anyone would go back.

Didi sees $BTC playing a significant role in helping many break free and gain financial independence. He shared a new prediction that sees Bitcoin making a run up to 90-140K USD. 📈

The time is now! Staking campaigns for $FAMILY are up and running. You too can get involved in building the future of the Bitcoin $FAMILY.

The New Creator Economy 🌐

🚀AI vs. Crypto: Why AI is Thriving in the Creator Economy💡

In the tech world, we’ve seen it all, from AI tools like Chat GPT to blockchain tech and social tokens. There’s a clear leader in the space right now: AI.

It’s making waves and outshining Web3. Let’s dive into why AI is exploding while crypto has a more challenging time with the masses.

🤖AI: The Ultimate Tool in Our Creator Toolbox🛠️

  1. Easy Access: AI platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, making it a breeze for non-tech-savvy creators. No coding skills? No problem. AI has you covered.
  2. Flexibility: ChatGPT and other AI tools can tackle various tasks, from virtual assistants to content generation.
  3. Instant Support: Creators can use AI to handle menial tasks, freeing up time to focus on more critical projects.

💰Web3: Why Crypto Lags Behind🐢

  1. Learning Curve: Web3 tech and blockchain can be confusing, with a steep learning curve that deters many from adopting.
  2. Integration: Crypto’s use in the creator economy is still emerging, with limited platforms and applications for creators to integrate easily.
  3. Fragmented Ecosystem: Crypto has countless projects and tokens, creating a fragmented space that may overwhelm creators trying to understand and navigate it.

✨AI’s Future in the Creator Economy🌈

AI is unstoppable – and the creator economy is fueling its growth. AI will only continue to become more accessible and versatile, paving the way for exciting new opportunities for us all.

Thrilled to announce our friends at NoiseGPT, the revolutionary AI-powered tool for unrestricted voice-to-speech technology, have been listed on CoinMarketCap.

NoiseGPT’s focus on freedom of expression provides endless possibilities for user-generated content.

Noise GPT uses Roll Staking to incentivize liquidity provision and generously reward users who stake their tokens. This democratizes access to smart contract deployment for the greater Web3 economy. Their total liquidity is up to over $82K USD.

DAOs all the way down (🤝, 🏠)

Pizza DAO is using the power of DAOs to spread the message of Web3 and pizza worldwide. 🍕

Started in early 2021 to fund and develop a community-owned pizzeria in Miami, the project was launched on the ETH blockchain. It gained significant attention as one of the first food-based DAOS.

Members of Pizza DAO use the Rare Pizza NFTs to represent their ownership and commitment to the Pizza DAO cause. This allows members to decide how to spend funds generated by the Pizza DAO-backed pizzerias around the globe. 🌍

Pizza DAO’s commitment to its community is second to none. Members have a direct say in everything that goes on with Pizza DAO. From proposals to votes on decisions related to the management of the organization, holders have a direct influence every step of the way. This is important as the DAO continues to scale.

Pizza DAO, leveraging the strength of its community and everyone’s love of pizza, is able to do events like this. This event won’t be a Web3 activation or education space. It will be a consumer-focused Pizza festival put on by Pizza DAO. This is an excellent example of how decentralized decision-making processes can create exciting new opportunities.

If you’re looking for a fun and innovative way to engage with your community, Pizza DAO is a perfect choice. With its focus on community involvement and social token-based ownership, it’s a fantastic use case for the power of decentralized finance. Get the information on the nearest May 22nd Pizza Party on their Google Doc!

Happenings in the Roll Ecosystem 🔦

Get ready for a mind-bending trip through a sci-fi/fantasy mega city in Maciej Drabik’s latest indie animation project, GUNMETAL! Join four gang members navigating a dangerous underworld filled with cutting-edge technology and mystical creatures. 🌆🦖

Don’t miss out on his exciting new project. Support his work with $NV today.

$SAIL is a social token for a global ocean sailing adventure dedicated to inspiring, healing, and uplifting people worldwide. 🚢🌐

The project aims to unite people, bring out their genius, and inspire them to live their dreams. The team has secured over half of the funding necessary to obtain a majestic flagship that was envisioned for the project.

Sail the Stars will launch on May 4th. It features a collaboration with 51 incredible artists, leaders, and wild dreamers. Come join and live your wildest dreams!

There’s some incredible merch from $GENRE!

$GENRE is the brainchild of Leaving Records, a Los Angeles-based independent record label known for its diverse and experimental approach to music. It is the official currency of Genre DAO.

GenreDAO is focused on empowering artists and fans through innovative blockchain technology. Leaving Records is building a community-driven platform for the future of music.

By purchasing $GENRE merch, you’re supporting this visionary collaboration. Become a part of a movement that is revolutionizing how we experience and value art.

NSFW ($LOVER), the New York-based DAO, is launching its new cannabis brand called “We’D” today! We’D is positioned as a high-quality and safe option for all to enhance any NSFW they may have.

NSFW went the extra step of selling tickets for their launch event tonight as digital assets as well. Some limited tickets remain if you want 4/20 plans in New York.

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

Featured New Creators on Roll 🔥

Are you ready for a game-changing art experience? The Dank PHART Creative ($DP3) is stepping up to fully own their power with a series of free NFT drops in the coming weeks.

The mission: to build a core audience of true fans. $DP3 is dedicated to creating authentic and beneficial experiences for fans.

Make sure to follow Dank on Twitter! This way you stay in the know and get in on the ground floor of a business that aims to change the game.

Announcements 📣

The Social Token Research Lab 🧪

Attention social token enthusiasts!

The Social Token Research Lab still has some openings. Our initiative to build top-notch, sustainable products puts you, the user, first. Want to test the latest version of our products and give feedback? Join the Lab and earn $5 for each feature tested.

If you’re a Roll product veteran and want in on the action, sign up here – bit.ly/roll-lab.

We’ll hit you up for an interview. Let’s take social tokens to the next level together.

Roll is hiring for roles to expand our team and accelerate building out social token infrastructure. We are a globally distributed team, super collaborative and fun environment to make a difference. Come join us!

Check out the job descriptions. Drop up a note at [email protected] if you are interested in either position or know someone in your network who might be a good fit 👀