Social Money Times #2

🚀How about that bitcoin price? Welcome to the second issue of the Social Money Times. We take a look at new projects from $JAMM creator Brian Flynn and $ALEX’s Alex Masmej, cast a spotlight on the $DSGN community, and pick out the best Christmas events for social money. 

Who’s on a Roll

1️⃣ A $WHALE of a giveaway. The $WHALE community is giving away 12 super cool NFTs over the 12 days of Christmas while baking in community engagement. You have to join their Discord and hold at least 14 $WHALE to gain a role on the server to take part in the giveaway.

2️⃣ It’s… showtime? Alex Masmej, creator of $ALEX, teased his new project Showtime, which he calls a “social platform for NFTS.” He tells the Social Money Times that it’ll be a way to discover your favorite digital items, using ‘like’ buttons and shareable links. He’s building the whole thing in public, and you can follow along if you hold 1,000 $ALEX

3️⃣Crypto gets gamified. $JAMM issuer Brian Flynn announced new funding for Rabbithole, the platform he co-founded that turns on-chain activities into fun quests. Speaking of which, the $JAMM community recently paid a 12,500 $JAMM bounty for a brand-new website.

New Money 

Luxury coinsWhaleshark spins up social money for his latest venture 1337 (“elite”), a luxury esports apparel brand. 

The BEAR den. Bitcoin trader arcanebear integrates $BEAR into his members-only discord community. Learn more about the arcanebear community here.

Getting Async with social money. Digital Artist @Shortcut uses his social money $UNITY to allow holders to change the layers (background and content) of his work. 

Roll Academy

Creating earn codes. Earn codes are a powerful tool in a Roll creator’s arsenal to build their own economy. Literally, anywhere you can send a message or even display text, you can drop an earn code for your social money. 


  • Click Earn. As a creator, make sure “Earn” is highlighted and then click “New way to Earn”
  • Enter Earn Info. Enter the amount of social money you’d like users to claim as well as a title, date and how many users can claim. This will generate a link.
  • Copy and Paste. Scroll down to your earn code and copy-paste the link wherever you’d like users to claim.

This is the broadest distribution tool we could think of when we launched Roll. Future distribution tools will be more direct and begin to target specific users in a community. Earn codes are limited to Roll creators right now.

Learn more at our FAQ. What do you want to see in Roll Academy? Tell us. 📩. 

Humans of Social Money

“The concept behind the Design community is to build a place where creatives can share knowledge, collaborate on projects, help others grow, and earn DSGN in a variety of ways. We hope that in the future the DSGN token can become a medium of exchange for creative endeavors. 

Our goal is to be as open as possible (everyone can claim a little bit of $DSGN to get started) and over time, once the token is widely distributed, the community will decide on its goals and future activities. We are trying to ensure the token has as much utility as possible and isn’t a speculative asset.”   – Nick Smith, creator of $DSGN

Learn more about Nick and $DSGN in our long-form interview here.

Are you a creator or part of a social money community? Tell us what it’s like to be one of the Humans of Social Money. Ping us! 📩


Pollinations are squads of people collaborating across the social money ecosystem.

Musical magic. Prolific collaborator Harrison First played host this time, welcoming DJ and producer Kelly Green to his Discord. Kelly and Harrison talked about $GREEN and $FIRST, with the conversation ranging from anime to the art of DJing to a $GREEN giveaway over the server’s voice channel. Then Kelly dropped some tunes, causing more than one dancing gif in the channel. 

By The Numbers

5 minutes. The amount of time it took for Beeple to sell $582,000 worth of his digital art NFTs last week.  

$340,550. The value of all $KARMA tokens held by members of the KarmaDAO community, according to the new “members market cap” metric by Forefront. 

20,867. The number of mentions of the phrase “social money” on platforms tracked by Sprinklr, according to Jeff Kauffman, Jr’s newsletter Yeehaw

3,957. The number of mentions of the phrase “personal token” on platforms tracked by Sprinklr, according to Jeff Kaufman, Jr’s newsletter Yeehaw.

Required Tweeting

The long tail. OnlyFans creator Aella tweeted this daunting chart of the competition creators face on that platform. According to The Information, the platform itself is in rude health, banking $300 million in profits off $400 million in revenue this year.

Listen Up

Audio NFTs are cool. But a token-permission library of music to make audio NFTs is even cooler. That’s what Harrison First has done with JNRY FIRST. Grab 1,000 $FIRST to enter.

One Thing We Learned This Week…

Bringing social money to Web2 users is more scalable than bringing Web2 users into Web3 in the short term. However, that unscalable journey of someone from Web2 to Web3 via social money is a great demonstration of how mass adoption happens. – Sid

Community Board

Wanted. Technical person to set up a SourceCred instance for the $DSGN Discord for 3,500 $DSGN.

Wanted. Community manager for the social tokens news site Forefront.

Wanted. Engineer for Alex Masmej’s startup Showtime.

Offered. 1,000 $RNG for the best essay on the topic, ‘What I Learned to Start the Decade’ in the $RNG Discord

Jobs wanted? Jobs offered? Are there other opportunities in your community? Post to the Community Board. 📩 

Roll’s Book Club

Putting the human in human capital. Messari co-founder Ryan Selkis dropped well over 100 pages of cryptoanalysis and predictions last week. Amid truth bombs like $100,000 bitcoin within 12 months, Selkis (who’s a Roll investor) also points out one trend he absolutely “loves” — social money!

“[Social money] feels like one of those toys that will be absolutely hated by the crypto cognoscenti but will be obvious in hindsight. I love them.” he declares (on page 118, if you want to read the whole thing.)



Social Money Calendar

Dec 11-18 Cherry’s XXX-Mas Week features NFT drops, social money giveaways, and new videos on the $CHERRY Discord.

Dec 18, 20:00 UTC Harrison First holds an audio NFT flash auction in Cryptovoxels in a collaboration with Rariboy. 

Dec 19, 12:00 UTC $WHALE holds its “now legendary” regular Friday trivia night on Discord.

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Let’s Talk

Q&A’s from our mailing list answered in each newsletter.

Q: How do we prevent the shift of value proposition and focus from the community and creators to the token? – Kyle Stargarden 

A:  Social Money exists in an open design space that will likely be regarded as a new form of “community equity”. I talked a little bit about this on a panel with Andrew Lee of $KARMA. The progressive sense of belonging that members feel by owning a piece or stake in the community, becomes the community’s main value proposition. 

– Bradley

Got a question for Roll? Ask us and we’ll answer in the next issue. 📩

Bye For Now

Hope you enjoyed rolling with us this week! Wishing you a happy and healthy end of the year from all of us at Roll. We’d love to hear from you so ping us at [email protected] 📩.

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