Social Money Times #1

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🥳 It’s the first issue of The Social Money Times. Our weekly newsletter on everything going on in the Roll universe. This edition covers new Roll creators, updates from NiftyQ of $LADZ, DJ Kelly Green who recently launched $GREEN, Roll’s video with Singularity University, and more! 

Who’s On A Roll

1️⃣ Book club merger. Two heavyweight communities might join forces…with their book clubs! Richard Kim’s $RNG and Trevor’s $FWB plan to merge their deep-thinking and eclectic book gatherings.

2️⃣ $SKULL yield-farming has begun. Skeenee’s $SKULL will start distributing staking rewards from a pool of 20,000 tokens to community members who stake more than 1 ETH on Uniswap.  You also get one entry to the monthly NFT lottery for every ETH staked. 


New Money 

Join the $FAMILY. Remember the Bitcoin Family? Its community contributed $81,000 in liquidity in the past month. Become one of 800 $FAMILY members by joining their discord here. Good $LADZ. Over $70,000 of liquidity flowed to the LADZ pool in the first 24 hours of their liquidity mining launch.  

$OSINA gets listed. Renowned African crypto artist Osinachi distributes over 50,000 $OSINA to members who joined the Uniswap pool after listing on Forefront and Coingecko

Film coins. The music-video director and filmmaker Justin Staple launches $ATS for his production firm, with a token-permissioned Discord for starters. 

$FIRST reward. Artist and producer Harrison First announces a 10,000 $FIRST reward pool for folks that contribute liquidity to his Uniswap pool

Roll Academy

Adding liquidity in your community. Are you a creator trying to reward your community or a supporter wondering when your good taste will pay off? Here’s how Roll users are connecting the dots. Check out the tutorial below.


  • Pool. First, head over to Uniswap or the social money exchange and click “Pool.”
  • Add Liquidity. Click “Add Liquidity” and select the social money you’d like to support or pool along with ETH, Ethereum’s native digital currency.
  • Supply. Enter the amount of social money you’d like to supply, click “Confirm Supply” and you’re all set! 

Deeper liquidity gives members a stake in the success of your community and builds the market for your social money.

Learn more at our FAQ. What do you want to see in Roll Academy? Tell us. 📩

Humans of Social Money

“Members earn $LADZ to ‘rank up’ in our community, getting access to exclusive content, reports, chat channels, NFTs, and events based on the rank that they hold. Our $LADZ community has also been able to fund Layer1 improvement grants, and hold charity events for South American individuals affected by economic hardship.” — NiftyQ, creator of LADZ, a content network with 5,000 subscribers. Join the Discord.  

Are you a creator or part of a social money community? Tell us what it’s like to be one of the Humans of Social Money. Ping us! 📩


Pollinations are squads of people collaborating across the social money ecosystem.

Giving $THANKS. Brett Goldstein, who writes a newsletter on using social science on tech products, launched $THANKS with the help of an all-star cast of social money friends. The omnipresent Alex Masmej ($ALEX), Brian Flynn ($JAMM), Holyn ($HOLLA), Seyi Taylor, and many others contributed to a Twitter-wide airdrop to users who talked about one thing they were thankful for — and tagged @thethankful. Users from social money communities who gave the most thanks received a special airdrop of $THANKS to the entire community. The campaign also used Unite, a novel social-money distribution project that won prizes at the recent Seed Club and EthGlobal hackathons. $THANKS was submitted on Product Hunt (a social money debut!) and ended up as the third most popular product of the day!

By The Numbers

1,373 – The number of members on the $RNG Discord on Dec. 8. 

$126,247  The deepest liquidity on the $SKULL-ETH Uniswap pool, on Nov. 24. 

$41.7 million $WHALE’s fully diluted market cap on Dec. 7.

Required Tweeting

MrBeast wants to invest in other social media influencers. Roll users respond with suggestions

Watch This

Roll Radio. An interview with DJ and producer Kelly Green on her new social money $GREEN. Kelly is a mainstay of the New Orleans music scene and DJs for Curren$y’s Jet Life Records. Hop into her Discord to grab 50 $GREEN and become a member. 🍏👇

📣Announcement 📣 

The Rise of Social Money. Futurism, which has an audience of over 10 million people each month, put out a new short documentary called ‘The Rise of Social Money’ spotlighting how Roll and the concept of social money helps creators get a fairer return on their work. Watch out for YouTuber David Dobrik (18.6 million subs!) and a few other familiar storytellers. Futurism became part of the Google and Deloitte-backed Singularity University in 2019, so we’re happy this is getting out to a forward-thinking group of viewers! Oh, and Ja Rule seemed to like it.

One Thing We Learned This Week…

DeFi protocols should start thinking of ways they can interact with social money. Early movers here that “financialize” digital communities can capture a ton of value for digital creators. Examples can range from synthetic instruments to take a long/short position on a community or an index of your favorite artists or YouTubers. — Bradley

Community Board

Wanted. Carlos’ Forefront newsletter on social crypto is seeking editors and writers, paid in $SWAGG and ETH.

Jobs offered? Other opportunities in your community? Post to the Community Board. 📩


Roll’s Book Club

Social strikes back! The brains at Andreessen Horowitz drop a mega-pack of knowledge on the next generation of social networks and how they shape user behavior. We recommend this piece on ‘Social+’ and communities. What’s your favorite article in here?


Social Money Calendar

Dec 10, 16:30 UTC – Trivia with DJ Kelly Green in the $GREEN Discord.

Dec 10, 20:00 UTC  – Chat with Second Life founder Philip Rosedale on the $RNG Discord.

Dec 12, 15:00 UTC – RNG-WHALE poker tournament on the $WHALE Discord.

Dec 12, 18:00 UTC – Magic: The Gathering tournament on the $RNG Discord.

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Let’s Talk

Q: What is the chasm social money needs to cross in order to enter a new phase of adoption? —  Austin Calvert from IdeaFront

A: Similar to how Musically empowers its users to express themselves through the songs of others, platforms that implement social money will need to allow users to express themselves through the currency of others. To us, this is a clear catalyst to mainstream adoption. In other words, “currency sharing” becoming a form of content sharing.  – Bradley

Got a question for Roll? Ask us and we’ll answer in the next issue. 📩

Bye For Now

Hope you enjoyed rolling with us this week! Send your favorite social money moments, deep thoughts and poker tournament invites to [email protected] 📩.

This newsletter was sponsored by DJ Kelly Green. Grab 50 $GREEN and join her server here.

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