Social Money Times #16

Hello Rollers,

The metaverse is heating up as brands like Adidas and countries like Barbados are setting up shop in virtual worlds like Sandbox and Decentraland. In addition, social token DAOs are starting to hold their first governance votes.

Welcome to the Social Money Times #16.

Who’s On A Roll

1️⃣ Metaverse Embassy. The Caribbean nation of Barbados is working with multiple metaverse companies to establish digital sovereign land. The Barbadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade signed an agreement with Decentraland, one of the largest and most popular crypto-powered digital worlds, to establish a digital embassy. 

2️⃣ Into the Adidasverse. Sportswear manufacturer giant Adidas became one of the first international brands to enter the Metaverse after announcing a partnership with the virtual gaming world “The Sandbox.”

3️⃣ Givenchy NFTs. The creative director of French luxury fashion and perfume house Givenchy Matthew M. Williams, collaborated with the artist Chito to create 15 unique Givenchy NFTs. You can read more about their drop in this article by Coindesk.

New Money

Watch out for the 💯 emoji, which tells you a social token has hit $100,000 in liquidity. We call this “The 100K Club.”

💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Explosive $MORK. Artist’s duo Hackatao has been on a roll recently after announcing their “Queens + Kings” NFT drop in collaboration with NFT Studios, Sotheby’s Metaverse, and powered by AMD. So it comes as no surprise that the MORK/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap has been seeing some action and has almost hit $900,000 in liquidity!

$FIRST fiat. The $FIRST community of music producer Harrison First is no stranger to trailblazing. They recently announced that anyone can now buy $FIRST directly with fiat currency (e.g, USD) through Dharma.

$WHALE x MC Hammer. Music legend and pop culture icon MC Hammer is about to make his first NFT drop. Learn more about the upcoming drop in an exclusive interview with the $WHALE community.

$ORTC Developments. Ortier Capital, the co-founder of blockchain-based, action RPG game “The Fabled” and creator of $ORTC, released a new trailer of the “The Fabled’s” gameplay.

$PLAY to win. Founder of Play-To-Earn Online Magazine and creator of $PLAY Robert Hoogendoorn has been nominated for the Noonies.Tech award of the “Best Crypto-Journalist of 2021.” You can vote for Robert here.

$HUE Record Sale. Artist, musician, and creator of $HUE Connie Digital, sold “Coldhearted,” a song he recorded in collaboration with MAiWORLD, for 3 ETH on the Catalog platform.

$BEAR ZONE. Investor’s community Arcane Bear partnered up with Zone, the first GameFi platform built on Algorand blockchain. Learn more about the partnership here.

$RCDY Keynote. Watch Ross Peili, Max Winter, and Andro.eth from the RareCandy3D team in a 360 keynote speech about the presence and future of the NFT culture. The speech was recorded during the Sphera Day at reworks agora 2021 on October 2.

DAOS on Roll

👀Watch out for this new section in our newsletter covering everything that has to do with DAOS on Roll, from new DAO launches to governance proposals and DAO-related news.

Introducing $MARTE DAO. The community of digital artist Pako Campo has initiated their transition into a DAO. The Marte Project has started this week with a brand new website that includes all relevant information. Grab 1 $MARTE here and join the Discord so you can stay up to date with all the upcoming news.

$FIRST DAO Announcement. $FIRST gang shared 2 nice infographics that cover what the $FIRST DAO is about, as well as what the future holds for $FIRST Audio Make sure to jump in the $FIRST Discord and get involved!

$WHALE DAO expanding. The $WHALE DAO Advisory Board recently welcomed two new members, Samsonite and ShortsHoward. We wish them all the best!

$FAMILY Vote.  $FAMILY DAO is currently voting on how many tokens the DAO’s treasury should be funded with. Cast your vote here (requires at least 1 $FAMILY).

$GREY Vote.  $GREY DAO is holding a vote to decide whether their first product should be digital or physical. Cast your vote here (requires at least 1 $GREY).

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Humans of Social Money: Iñigo Echeverría of $TIO

“I am a Spanish content creator talking about crypto and NFTs. I am originally from Barcelona, but I now live in Mexico City. After falling down the crypto rabbit hole, I quickly realized the potential of tokens and NFTs, and after learning I could create and run my own token, I couldn’t resist doing so.

Enter $TIO. Tio is a popular word in Spanish because it means “mate” or “dude,” and we use it often. It also means “uncle.” I find it to be the perfect name for our community token since it has a friendly touch. The TIO community is a place to learn, discuss, earn and have fun. It’s funny because many people call me Tio on the Twitch streams, and it’s an excellent way to reach each other like a brotherhood.

Right now, I am pretty focused on the NFT gaming scene because it’s a great way to introduce blockchain to a bigger audience, let them earn money, and have fun while doing so. I run scholarships for games such as Axie Infinity, and we are building a guild where $TIO will act as a governance and reward token.

I’m also learning more about DAOs and virtual worlds such as Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, and Sandbox. I was blown away by the endless possibilities of having a token implemented in the metaverse. You can expect a lot of new things for $TIO and its community for 2022, now that the fundamentals are well established.” — Iñigo Echeverría. Follow him on Twitter and join the $TIO Discord.

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By The Numbers

21 million – The monthly active users of cryptocurrency wallet Metamask.

7 billion – The valuation of cryptocurrency exchange Gemini

90 billion – The market cap of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase

2,958 – The number of members on $PINS Discord.

Required Tweeting

The Block reporter MK Manoylov shared an article they wrote about social tokens and the reasons creators are using them.

Listen Up

Roll’s co-founders, Bradley Miles and Sid Kalla, sit down with Ben Popper of “The Stack Overflow Podcast” to chat about creating an API-first platform for creating tokens and markets that allow users to invest and share in the value of creators or communities they love.

Catch the episode here.

📣 Announcement 📣 

There is an ever-growing demand for social tokens and we’re looking to hire an intern who can help our community lead onboard and support all the creators coming to Roll. 

If you’re excited about social tokens and the idea of working in the creator economy appeals to you, you should drop us a note. 

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Social Money Calendar

November 26, 14:00 UTC Whale Hour on $WHALE Discord. 

November 27, 23:00 UTC Metaverse Party Series wth $LADZ on Cryptovoxels.

November 27, 00:00 UTC Trivia Night on $INI Discord.

November 28, 20:00 UTC Fun Uncle Show on $LADZ Discord.

November 29, 13:00 UTC Thunderstruck Axies on $1337 Discord.

November 30, 20:00 UTC Jasper Wong and $WHALE FM on $WHALE Discord.

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