Social Money Times #13

Hello Rollers,

We’re in the 4th quarter of 2021 and NFTs continue pushing forward. Sotheby’s will auction NFTs from the $WHALE Vault, TikTok made their debut into NFTs, and Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is opening an NFT platform.

Welcome to Social Money Times #13!

Who’s On A Roll

1️⃣ $WHALE dives in Sotheby’s. Fine art auction house Sotheby’s has teamed up with the $WHALE community to auction off the first $WHALE Vault NFTs. The sale will feature three early vault pieces from artists Pak, Brendan Dawes, and Hackatao, some of the most popular and prominent artists in the space.

Read more about the auction that’s set to begin on October 14th here.

2️⃣ TikTok…Boom! Social network giant TikTok launched their first creator-led NFT collection, TikTok Top Moments, with the help of Immutable.TikTok Top Moments features a selection of six culturally significant TikTok videos from some of the platform’s most beloved creators. Each one-of-one NFT celebrates the impact these creators have made across entertainment, culture, and the TikTok community.

3️⃣ NFTbase. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced the fast-approaching launch of Coinbase NFT, a peer-to-peer marketplace where people will be able to create, buy, sell and share NFTs. Coinbase NFT will bring NFTs to the 68+ million existing Coinbase users.

New Money

Watch out for the 💯 emoji which tells you which social money has hit $100,000 in liquidity. We call this “The 100K Club”.

💯Looks $RARE. The liquidity pool of $RARE, the social token of digital artist Rare Designer has climbed to $134,288 and is just $34,500 away from its previous all-time high.

$OSINA goes to Christie’s. “Different Shades of Water”, a collection of 5 NFTs from artist Osinachi in collaboration with 1-54 Art Fair, will be auctioned off on Christie’s. The online NFT auction will mark the first NFTs by a contemporary African artist offered by Christie’s in Europe.

$RCDY gets physical. Virtual publishing house RareCandy had a nice surprise for people that attended the ReworksAgora x SpheraNow keynote event in Greece. They gave away cards with a QR earn code printed on them that people could scan to get some of their social token, $RCDY.

$WHALE Hunters. POAP is organizing an NFT treasure hunt in New York, during NFT.NYC between October 31st and November 4th. The $WHALE community will be participating with their own POAP. Find out more about the treasure hunt here.

Roll Academy

Depositing social tokens on Roll. You can deposit Roll social tokens back to your Roll wallet at any time by sending them to your wallet’s address.

  • Go to “Receive”. From your dashboard, click on “Receive” on the navigation bar.
  • Get your address. If you’ve never deposited social tokens to Roll before, you’ll be asked to generate a new wallet. Otherwise, you’ll see your wallet’s address. That address is the same for any and all social tokens issued via Roll.
  • Copy your address. You can copy your address by clicking “Copy” to use it in the wallet you want to send tokens from.

Be careful to only deposit social tokens issued via Roll. We won’t be able to retrieve any other tokens or NFTs sent to your Roll wallet.

Learn more at our FAQ. What do you want to see in Roll Academy? Tell us. 📩

Humans of Social Money – Shawn from $PUNM

“I run a Youtube channel where I started exploring crypto just before the bull run started early in 2021. By doing research for the channel, I came across different aspects of crypto such as NFTs, and social tokens. I was inspired by what Connie Digital was doing with $HUE, and I decided to create my own token to further explore the possibilities. 

Much in the way I use Youtube, which for me is a vehicle to help and inform artists, I grew excited and motivated at the possibility of using a social token to do the same. The plan is to build something that resembles a record company that’s community-owned. Artists can be artists and have the assistance of marketing, design, and technical people, education, as well as access to tools that can be used to grow and advance their careers. 

Artists should be able to put up a bounty of $PUNM in the community for engagement and feedback on their new tracks. It’ll be its own economy where everyone is working and earning $PUNM and the work they’re doing contributes to the growth and value of the token and the community that backs it.” — Shawn from PayUsNoMind.

Are you a creator or part of a social money community? Tell us what it’s like to be one of the Humans of Social Money. Ping us! 📩

By The Numbers 

259 million – The market capitalization of social tokens on Roll.

393 – The amount of ETH Curio Cards, a set of 31 NFTs, sold for in Christie’s “Post-War to Present” sale.

56.7 million – The estimated value of the $WHALE NFT Vault.

250 – The amount of ETH “Flood”, an artwork by artists duo Hackatao, sold for in the secondary market.

Required Tweeting

American media website CNET tweeted about a Youtube study that found that the creator economy of the video platform supports the equivalent of 394,00 full-time US jobs. We can only imagine how many full-time jobs the whole creator economy would be equivalent to.

Watch This

Harrison First is a music producer, songwriter, artist, and audio NFT creator based in Sweden. We chatted about his music career so far, why he created his own label, JNRY FIRST, and $FIRST, his social money.

Make sure to watch through the episode on Youtube, as there’s some $FIRST waiting for you in the form of a QR code!

Catch the episode on Youtube, Apple, Spotify

Social Money Calendar

October 15, 23:00 UTC Trivia Night on $INI Discord.

October 16, 12:00 UTC eSports 4 Everyone on $1337 Discord.

October 17, 15:30 UTC HACKATAO / FONTANA : “Beyond the Void” art show on $WHALE Discord.

October 12, 02:00 UTC NFT.GG Project Spotlight on $LADZ Discord.

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