Roll x Akoin Partner to Take Social Money Global

Few things are more exciting than working with one of your idols, let alone one of the most iconic artists of the 21st century. The mononym “Akon” is not only representative of his body of work, but also one of the most widely recognized musical representations of the African continent over the past 20 years.

He’s sold over 35 million records, received 5 Grammy nominations and is credited on over 300 guest appearances and more than 35 Billboard Hot 100 songs.

Akon was the first to sign some of the most luminary artists of the past 20 years like Lady Gaga and T-Pain. He’s also produced and worked with artists like Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, Lil Wayne, Gwen Stefani and Whitney Houston.

His Akoin organization is launching a city in the West African country of Senegal to help propel blockchain technology across the region. The city itself aims to be a sprawling metropolis with a hospital, a mall, hotels and a school.

Akon is, in many ways, a global phenomenon and his vision to empower communities across the world through his Akoin organization truly inspires us to start a collaborative partnership.

In the coming quarter, Akoin and Roll will begin to announce creators, artists, platforms and organizations from across the world that will use Roll infrastructure to mint social money for their community.

We’re especially excited to collaborate on the Opportunity Hubs the Akoin team is setting up in Ghana, Kenya and Senegal to promote blockchain education. We’ve seen social money become a seamless way to introduce traditional internet users to Web3 technology and look forward to getting involved in the creation of these centers.

As we’ve written previously, social money is a new type of capital powered by ethereum that allows communities to own the value they create across the web. For Roll and the Akoin team, this is an ideal way to connect a global audience, create a sense of belonging and empower communities.

We’re excited to begin this partnership with the Akoin team and make social money a global phenomenon.

About Roll Roll is a platform where creators can make social money: branded digital currency that is specific to their audience. $KARMA, $WHALE, $ALEX and $CHERRY are examples. Social money can be earned, redeemed, sent or traded anywhere in the world. The total dollar value of all social money on Roll has recently surpassed 250MM USD.

About Akoin Akoin is an organization founded by Jon Karas, Lynn Liss, and Akon to proliferate the use of blockchain technology across the globe, starting with the construction of Akon City in Senegal. Akoin is also the name of the digital currency that will be utilized across the city.

About Akon Akon is a multi-platinum artist, singer, producer and social impact leader. He’s sold over 35 million records and is credited on 37 Billboard Hot 100 songs including two #1’s: “I Wanna Love You” feat. Snoop Dogg and “Don’t Matter”. Akon is widely considered one of the most successful African artists of all time.

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