Roll integrates OpenSea data

Roll integrates OpenSea data

Roll has integrated OpenSea data natively on the Roll app for creator rewards. This lets Roll users view all the NFTs listed for a creator’s social money on OpenSea directly on a creator’s rewards page on Roll. Artists and creators can now list their NFTs directly on OpenSea for their social money and have it show up automatically on their Roll rewards page. 

Listing NFTs for Social Money

Roll has seen an explosive growth in digital artists issuing their own social money. Artists then use their social money to build and reward their communities, who now have a direct stake in the success of their favorite artists. 

Many of these artists tokenize their art on Ethereum as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to truly establish ownership and provenance of their art. 

OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace, allows artists to list their NFTs for their social money. Users simply need a Web3 wallet like MetaMask to make a purchase. They can earn an artist’s social money on Roll or purchase it from an exchange like Uniswap if it is traded. 

Direct Integration

Roll has integrated OpenSea data directly into its app via the OpenSea APIs. Artists can now simply list their NFTs for sale on OpenSea in their social money, and it will show up automatically on the Roll app in the rewards page. 

Users can now simply go to the Roll app to see the NFTs listed in the social money of artists they follow on Roll. All transactions are handled by OpenSea on their marketplace. 

In addition to just the items listed by the artist, Roll shows all NFTs listed for the artist’s social money, even if it is by another community member or collector. This expands the use of an artist’s social money to the entire community. For the items to show up on Roll, a user simply needs to list a new NFT on OpenSea in the social money they are interested in. In this way, social money creates a unique way to signal or show your influence in a community: sell work in your favorite artist’s currency.

Featured Artists and Collectors

Here are some of the more active social money issuers with their NFTs sold on OpenSea in their social money. 

HUE from Connie Digital, an artist at the integration of technology and art, and an early social money pioneer. 

SKULL from Skeenee, a Madrid based tattoo artist with signature art pieces featuring skulls and anatomy and one of the most active social money users

WHALE from WhaleShark, one of the largest and most prolific collectors of rare digital art and other NFT assets.