Roll Reaches 2000 Users!


Less than a month after we announced reaching 1000 users, we have doubled our user base to 2000. We couldn’t be more excited and humbled by the uptake. Clearly, the concept of communities collectively retaining more of the value they generate has resonated with a lot of people. We look forward to bringing this to more people and communities moving forward.

What’s next for Roll?

Roll builds infrastructure for social money. We help communities build their own “crypto-economy” by providing them with all the needed tools. Primarily, this means easy ways to get social money into the hands of the community and to provide opportunities for these community members to spend their social money on valuable things.

Currently, these are the ways you can send someone social money:

  • Directly on Roll if you know their Roll username.
  • Send it to an external ETH wallet.
  • Send it via an earn code if you’re a social money issuer on Roll.

We want to add other easier ways to send social money, while also making it easy for the community to discover ways to earn social money. Bringing the earn opportunities under the Roll umbrella makes it easy for the community to discover actions that are valuable, which can earn them social money.

We are always iterating on making it easier for social money issuers on Roll to create ways for their communities to spend social money on Roll. We like to see a diverse set of rewards – some scalable, some not very scalable; some low value for casual fans and some higher value for power users and super-fans. We’ll continue to improve upon this.

We also want to make it easier to earn, spend, and send social money on your favorite platforms. You can do this via the Discord bot in our Roll Discord, for example. More on this down the road!

Interested to be a part of the Roll family?

If you’re a creator and want to issue your own social money, fill out our typeform and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (we’re working through a backlog, so appreciate your patience). If you’re new to Roll, you can sign up and earn 5 HUE from one of our early adopters and the amazing artist, Connie Digital.

We’re always interested to hear more about how we can make Roll better. Feel free to let us know in the comments!