A Social Money Exchange Powered by Uniswap

Social money exchange

We’ve forked the Uniswap frontend in order to list social money tokens while maintaining Uniswap’s smart contract liquidity.

In addition to using Roll to mint, distribute and create ways to spend social money, you can now also give your social money an ETH value by adding liquidity on Uniswap. 

Anyone can start trading ETH for social money and vice-versa on the Roll exchange frontend at exchange.tryroll.com.

Social money and other tokens on our Uniswap frontend

On the frontend you’ll see :

  • A Social Money section at the top where minted social money will be listed 
  • A Friends of Roll section for ERC20s from projects that issuers use and love like Marblecards (MBC) and Cryptovoxels (COLR)
  • A Tokens section at the bottom for currencies like ETH, DAI, USDC and WETH.

Roll’s social money exchange will allow you to add liquidity and exchange any of the digital currencies above.  Stay tuned for more announcements on social money listings via Uniswap!