HUE from ConnieDigital is now listed on Uniswap

The first social money listing is HUE created by blockchain-based artist @ConnieDigital. Connie has used HUE to incentivize and reward his community over the past three months on platforms like Cryptovoxels, Cent, Twitter, Discord, Opensea, his website and his mailing list. 

We’ve seen him distribute his social money for attending his virtual gallery in Cryptovoxels

Reading his newsletter

Or just because it’s (top-up) Tuesday! 

HUE can be used to purchase unique crypto art created by Connie Digital, his vast collection of Marblecards, shoutouts in his newsletter, a sponsored position in his Discord and much more.

Some stats on the HUE economy:

  • Over 2MM HUE have been distributed on over 480 wallets across Roll, Metamask, Trust Wallet and Discord.    
  • 620,000 HUE have been spent to purchase rewards on Opensea and Roll
  • There is a fixed supply of 10MM HUE  
  • There are currently 3.5MM HUE in circulation 

The remaining 6.5MM HUE will be vested in about 200,000 HUE increments monthly for the next 32 months

You can view all contributions to the Uniswap pool here

If you’d like to be a liquidity provider (LP) for HUE on Uniswap, follow these steps (video as well) and contribute your HUE and ETH by clicking here.

If you have HUE and don’t know the contract address, you can find it here on Etherscan.

The HUE community has its own culture, its own language of memes and (HUEG) inside jokes, and now its own economics. 

This is a big moment for us and ConnieDigital, we hope you’ll join us!