Social Money Times #3

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Welcome to Issue #3 of the Social Money Times. We celebrate creators like Didi from $FAMILY and the $LADZ crew for reaching over 100k in liquidity (100k club!), spotlight our friends at One/Off – the pseudonymous collective behind the social money $BLACK, and highlight some end of the year wrap-ups and notable events in the past week. This is the Social Money Times! 

Who’s on a Roll

1️⃣ Family fortunes. Remember Didi Taihuttu? The guy who sold his house for bitcoin and moved into a van with his family? Well, CNBC sure does, with two pieces on the “Bitcoin Family ” and its incredibly prescient decision, in hindsight, to go full crypto. Didi and the fam are doing great — in fact, you can hang out in their Discord if you own some $FAMILY. Yup, they love social money too. 

2️⃣ If 2020 was big for social money… The folks at token incubator Seed Club and news portal Forefront dropped a monster report covering the communities, coins, tools, and trends that made this a foundational year for social money. 

3️⃣ …2021 might be huge. The idea of social money kept popping up in the year-end predictions from a slew of investors and operators, including Scalar’s Linda Xie, Interchain’s Tess Rinnearson, IDEO Colab’s Ian Lee, and Coinbase’s Marc Bhargava in the Token Daily 2021 Crystal BallCoinDesk and Decrypt also carried social token predictions. Breakout year, anyone?

New Money 

We’re introducing the “100k club”, which spotlights communities with over $100,000 in liquidity. Watch out for the 💯 emoji.

💯 Liquid $LADZ. The LADZ podcast community hit $100,000 in liquidity on Dec. 4 just two months after launch.  

💯 Family ties. The Bitcoin Family’s $FAMILY token came within touching distance of $200,000 in liquidity on Uniswap. $FAMILY joined the $100k club in under a month.  

Ladz treasures. Layer1 launched a three-tiered treasury containing NFTs, Bitcoin, and Ether to back their token.  

$INI-tial events offering? The $INI token lets you purchase event concepts for your community.  

Roll Academy

Sending to a Roll user. Sending social money directly to another user on the Roll platform is as straightforward as it gets. 

  • Click Send. Make sure that “Send to a Roll user” is highlighted and select the social money you want to send.
  • Enter User Info. Enter the amount of social money you want to send, the Roll username of the person you want to send it to.
  • Leave A Note. You can also include an optional message with your transaction. A nice emoji can go a long way 😎
  • Confirm. Click on continue, see a quick review of the transfer you’re about to make and, if everything looks good, click “Confirm” for the tokens to be on their way.

Sending to another user on Roll happens instantly and doesn’t incur Ethereum’s network transaction fees. 

Learn more at our FAQ. What do you want to see in Roll Academy? Tell us. 📩

Humans of Social Money


“ONE / OFF is excited to have its own social currency because we believe it will help us realize our vision of empowering the global black community to imagine their culture and ideas in the future … We hope to provide social impact and create jobs for the next generation of black curators, archivists, architects and arts workers.” — ONE / OFF, the pseudonymous collective behind $BLACK. 

Follow ONE / OFFon Instagram and Twitter and visit their debut art exhibition in Cryptovoxels featuring 33 Black artists from eight countries, featuring themes of AfroFuturism, Black Popular Culture, and AfroSurrealism, among others. 

Are you a creator or part of a social money community? Tell us what it’s like to be one of the Humans of Social Money. Ping us! 📩


Pollinations are squads of people collaborating across the social money ecosystem.

Going nuclear. Richard Kim of $RNG is pumping out daily “atomic essays” — 30 in all — about communities and social money. It’s part of his involvement in the Ship 30 for 30 writers’ community, which is a side-hustle from Blackrock macro investor Dickie Bush. He talks about social money and statusdigital co-ops, and gift economies. And it’s only day seven!

By The Numbers

More than 7,000– Number of social token holders according to Seed Club’s report.

700– Number of communities managed by according to Seed Club’s report.

14– Number of social token tools listed in Devin Mancuso’s Figma-based Social Tokens Map

$30.7 million– Value of 49,287 NFT artworks sold through December 2020 according to Seed Club’s report

43.55%– The growth rate of $FIRST token holders in the last month, the fastest among tokens tracked on Forefront, according to David Tomu.

Required Tweeting

Influencers turning into media founders. Investor and entrepreneur Balaji Srinivasan argues that today’s influencers will be tomorrow’s media founders and make a killing without the stress of running a large company. Web2 tools like Substack and Web3 tools like Roll will begin to streamline these efforts.

Watch This

Logan Paul is on his way to becoming one of the influencers mentioned above. Logan was musing on issuing his own coin last week, “I might find myself doing something like that in the future”. Watch it at 1:05.

One Thing We Learned This Week…

We’ve found that social money liquidity providers are pretty resilient to impermanent loss even with the Ether price skyrocketing. While the price rise means the total liquidity of social money has dropped in dollar terms, the overall liquidity in terms of social money and ETH together has risen. That’s a strong signal of the community’s belief in the creators whose social money they hold and provide liquidity for. — @Sinkas

Community Board

Offered. Marketing and design roles with the $CHERRY community. Payment in $CHERRY. DM her for more info.

Jobs wanted? Jobs offered? Are there other opportunities in your community? Post to the Community Board. 📩 

Roll’s Book Club

An explosion of capital. Eloise Chou from ChainNews discusses the rise of the creator economy (in Mandarin Chinese) in Web3 and new forms of monetization.

Social Money Calendar

Daily, 2000-2100 UTC $FIRST Radio, a daily listening party to Harrison First’s DJ sets. On the $FIRST Discord.

Jan 13, 2000 UTC RNG Dreams #2: Roblox Teach-in and Tourney with Austin Tindal. On the $RNG Discord.

Jan 14, 2000 UTC RNG Dreams #3: On-Chain Analysis with Jony Levin, co-founder of Chainalysis. On the $RNG Discord.

Jan 17 , 0100 UTC The BIG Crypto Game Show with the $INI community.

Jan 30 Seed Club Cohort 2 applications close.

Feb 14 $CHERRY website launch party. On the $CHERRY Discord.

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Let’s Talk

Q&A’s from our mailing list are answered in each newsletter.

Q: When does the team expect to integrate fiat onramps onto Roll? – Samsonite from Leaving / Stones Throw Records

A: Q1 – Bradley

Got a question for Roll? Ask us and we’ll answer in the next issue. 📩

Bye For Now

Hope you enjoyed rolling with us this week! Reply to this email with thoughts or shoot us a DM @tryrollhq. If you’re a creator, we’d want to feature you in the next issue! We’d love to hear from you so ping us at [email protected] 📩.

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