Social Money Times #6

Hello Rollers,

Well, the crypto markets just won’t give us a break. It looks like NFTs are all the rage now, with everyone from Chamath and Mark Cuban weighing in. Wait til they hear about this other thing we’ve been talking about for a while now called “social money” that’s fungible! It’ll blow their minds! 

With that, let’s get into this issue of the Social Money Times…

Who’s On A Roll

1️⃣ YouTube Stars on Social Money YouTubers Jake Paul and Ben Phillips told Forbes that they have discussed setting up their own cryptocurrencies. But the pair, who have 8 billion views between them, don’t want to just pump a coin. They say it has to “provide purpose and be useful.” Sounds like they need to hear about social money!

2️⃣ The Mayor of Crypto Town One-time presidential candidate Andrew Yang says he would turn New York City into a “hub” for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Yang is running for mayor and has expressed his interest in crypto before, most notably appearing at the Consensus conference in 2019. 

3️⃣ Going Once… The venerable British auction house Christie’s will put its first-ever digital artwork under the hammer tomorrow (Feb. 25). The work is an NFT by Beeple, and the auction house is setting another precedent by accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. Beeple smashed crypto art records in December when he sold a collection of work for $3.5 million. The auction ends on March 11.

New Money

Watch out for the 💯 emoji which tells you a social money has hit $100,000 in liquidity. We call this “The 100K Club”.

💯💯💯 It’s All In Your Head. The artist Skeenee’s $SKULL smashed through an all-time high of over $300,000 in liquidity days ago. 

💯💯💯Second Act. Whaleshark’s other token, the esports-themed $1337 hit about $350,000 in liquidity this week. 

💯💯Bear-able. The investing education group Arcane Bear’s $BEAR crossed $200,000 in liquidity earlier this month. Paw-some!

$PICA… So! The French cryptoart collecting group known as $PICA is steadily adding liquidity, so we’re going to award half a 💯.

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Humans of Social Money: Pako Campo of $MARTE

“I’ve been into traditional painting for about 30 years, I’ve been meddling with digital art for a little over a decade now and I’ve had my works exhibited in private collections and museums on five continents. These days, I’m a staunch crypto activist.

$MARTE is an acronym for Media, ART & TEchnology, and it combines those concepts to achieve its goal, which is reinventing the traditional art world and expanding it to new art forms, such as NFTs.

The meeting place of the $MARTE community is our Discord, where we share our love for creation and enthusiasm for art. With $MARTE you can acquire NFTs on OpenSea or receive art consultation services as well as to get spots to exhibit physical or digital artworks at major art fairs and exhibitions worldwide (coming soon).”  – Pako Campo, artist, included in the 35 most influential artists in the world in 2019. Find him on Twitter or Odysee.

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Pollinations are squads collaborating across the social money ecosystem.
Breath of Fresh Air. Several luminaries of the social money and NFT space have teamed up to create MintFund, a community that helps artists mint creations for the first time. It’s a collaboration between Carlos of news site ForeFront and $SWAGG, Jess Sloss of token incubator Seed Club, Sirsu of consultancy The Well and the Zora team. The fund will cover gas costs for artists looking to mint an NFT (hundreds of dollars right now) and provide mentorship for creators. MintFund also has a special focus on BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists, plus artists from outside North America and the European Union. Its motto is: “We create and we mint, together.” Yes, fam!

By The Numbers 

1 – Roll’s ranking on among social dapps (that’s decentralized apps) that generated the most volume in 30 days.  

$5.45 million – Traded volume on Roll over the last 30 days, according to

$665 million – The value of all the social money in the Roll universe, tracked by Roll Markets.

$165 million – The value of all $WHALE on Feb. 14 (or ‘fully diluted market cap,’ as the crypto nerds say), making it the most valuable social money out there.

2,006 – The number of $WHALE holders, according to Etherscan. Three hundred new holders were added in the last week.  

Required Tweeting

Wine merchant turned NFT enthusiast (and Roll investor) GaryVee name-checked social money pioneer Connie Digital ($HUE) in a minimalist tweet: It was a link to Connie’s essay on how NFTs give artists and musicians “superpowers” and a mention of Connie’s Twitter username. Sometimes, a link says a thousand words. 

Watch This

AJ Vaynerchuk is the co-founder of VaynerMedia, a 700-person creative agency, and Vaynersports, a full service sports agency for the modern-day athlete. We chat about his beginnings, his sizable NFT collection, and of course, social money (AppleYoutubeSpotify). AJ is also an angel investor in Roll. 

Social Money Calendar

Feb 26, 1600 UTC Artist Fireside Chat with Jeff Davis of $ABST on $WHALE Discord.

Feb 28, 1700 UTC Artist Fireside Chat with Yuhlets on $WHALE Discord.

Mar 11, 2000 UTC Book Club 2: A Pattern Language on $RNG Discord.

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One Thing We Learned This Week…

“Traditional creator economy is focused on creator monetization – how to get creators paid for their work. Social money goes beyond this to include the early supporters and community members integral to the creator’s success. Web3 DeFi primitives applied to social money can really expand the pie for the whole community.”   — @Sid

Bye For Now

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Grab 10 Marte ($MARTE) 👇

This newsletter was sponsored by Pako Campo from MARTE. Grab 10 $MARTE here (only for the first 200 people). 

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