The Professor, YouTube’s Largest Basketball Influencer, Launches $CROSS

I’m excited to lead a movement for basketball fans to connect, build relationships, and help each other succeed. The name of the game isn’t about which platform to use anymore, it’s about becoming the platform.

The Professor

The world’s most recognizable basketball influencer, The Professor, has launched his social token $CROSS to reimagine his community as a digital asset and bring his fans into Web3. Help us celebrate by spreading the word in his twitter post in the link below (for the TikTok and IG crowd) and ours here.

Nicknamed for his ability to school players on the court, The Professor has taken social media by storm. With over a billion views on YouTube (2 billion on all platforms but who’s counting) and 16 million followers across social media his highlight-driven basketball videos have become a staple for an entire category and he has literally launched the genre, memetic behavior and style of video that have defined what it means to be a basketball personality.

It all started when he learned the famous Allen Iverson crossover in the fourth grade, gaining an early reputation as being able to break ankles against grown men on the court. Led by his dedication to the game and love of basketball he went on to become a star player and basketball entertainer with the globally famed AND1 Mixtape Tour. But that was just the beginning.

He catapulted to social media fame with the release of his Spiderman series on YouTube, playing basketball as the masked hero. The viral video sensation captured the attention of millions and launched not just his own influencer career but the entire basketball community that has emerged on YouTube. Followed by an ongoing series of massively successful videos,The Professor has become a household name in the streetball community.

With a presence that spans across social and mainstream media The Professor is now using $CROSS to provide value back to the community that has supported him. Holders of $CROSS will gain exclusive access to NFTs, content, and experiences, with a portion of proceeds supporting some of his favorite organizations. Token holders will also be able to join The Professor’s new Discord and interact with him, other basketball legends, and the rest of the $CROSS community.

Like all Roll tokens, $CROSS is minted directly on Ethereum and exists as a standalone ERC-20 token that works with any smart contract or application on the blockchain. This includes traditional Web 2.0 platforms powered by Roll’s APIs and web3 applications in the DeFi, NFT and DAO spaces.

You can view the contract address for $CROSS on Roll and etherscan. It has a max supply of 10MM $CROSS which will fully vest by January 2023. We’ll be celebrating the launch of $CROSS on our twitter and you can join The Professor’s massive community on Discord or follow along @TheProfessor on twitter. This is a launch that will bring many people into contact with crypto for the first time and we can’t think of a better person to learn from than The Professor and his community. 

While YouTube thinks of communities as views, Twitch thinks of communities as streams, and Discord thinks of communities as servers, at Roll we leverage blockchain to power communities that can plug into all of the above (and more!).

This launch is a perfect showcase of how social tokens can upgrade the web with creators, new infrastructure, new content economics and a whole host of platforms. As Web3 approaches mainstream, we couldn’t be more excited to help guide this new category of creators into the next internet.  💻 ⛓️ 🏀 

For those continuing to explore social tokens, you can get in touch and propose your social token on Roll here.