Social Money Times #10

Hello Rollers,

September is off to a great start and there are a lot of things to be excited about in the crypto space. Apes taking over the fine art auction house at Sotheby’s, NFTs enabling anyone to buy ownership rights to songs, social tokens making their appearance on top 3 exchange, and wearables; this issue has it all.

Welcome to Social Money Times #10!

Who’s on a Roll

1️⃣ Sotheby’s Apes. The Bored Ape Yacht club packs its bags and heads to Sotheby’s for an auction that will last a whole week. 101 Apes and Kennels will find their new home when the auction ends on the 9th of September

2️⃣ $WHALE on Huobi. $WHALE becomes the first social token to be listed on a top 3 exchange after getting listed on cryptocurrency exchange Huobi with a WHALE/USDT pair. 

3️⃣ Royal 3LAU. Electronic music producer and NFT creator Justin David Blau, aka 3LAU, has launched, a blockchain-powered music investment company. Anyone can buy ownership of songs directly from their favorite artists and earn royalties with them.

New Money

Watch out for the 💯 emoji which tells you which social money has hit $100,000 in liquidity. We call this “The 100K Club”.

💯💯 BAEPAY skyrockets. After Blockchain Art Exchange’s token, $BAEPAY, surged by almost 900% (stats by Coingecko), their liquidity pool is sitting at a comfortable $265,998. It’s halfway to $300k so let’s award another half💯!

$FIRST Collection. Harrison First and his community never cease to amaze, and their very first Decentraland wearables collection is no exception.

Nouveaux habits. Multimedia art studio, Studio Nouveau launched their Icon Series Decentraland wearables. If you hold their NFTs, you’ll be airdropped one. Don’t worry if you don’t, you can still buy them using their social token, $SNV.

Roll Academy

Two Factor Authentication. Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account will help keep it secure, even if your login information is compromised. You’ll need to have the Google Authenticator app on your phone.

  • Go to your settings. From your dashboard, aim at the circular icon on the top right and click “Settings” on the dropdown menu that will appear.
  • Click “Security.” Click on the security tab.
  • Enable 2FA. Click on “Enable 2FA,” and a window will appear with instructions on setting up your 2FA.
  • Follow the instructions. After you scan the QR code with your phone and a 6-digit code is generated, type it in the input field and click “Activate.” 
  • All set. Next time you log in to your account, you’ll be asked to enter your 2FA code from the Google Authenticator app.

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Humans of Social Money: Sho (Kaseem Bristow) of $INI

“After having late-night conversations with friends and strangers in the wild New York City underground artist scene, I realized that people couldn’t quite grasp the idea of crypto and how it benefits them without it getting lost in translation.

The INITIA project was born out of the idea that just like any form of art, you have to let things speak for themselves and allow a person to see its value by connecting the dots on their own.

INITIA’s core focus is to solve the onboarding of the casual internet user into the crypto space through unique and experimental Live Event Concepts. Through these events, the project’s mission is to strengthen the overall knowledge base of people in the crypto space. Participation has led to many people absorbing tons of information on how the crypto space works without falling prey to scams or losses. 

$INI is a Proof of Participation social token that is only received by actively participating during INITIA Live Event Concepts.”  — Sho (Kaseem Bristow). Learn more about INITIA here and become an initiate.
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By The Numbers

3 billion  – August’s total sales volume of NFT marketplace OpenSea.

168,248 – Total amount of burnt ETH (at the time of writing) since the EIP-1559 was integrated.

7 months – The time it took for NFT marketplace Foundation to hit a total of 100 million sale volume.

2,830 – Total members of $LADZ Discord.

Required Tweeting

Early-stage consumer investor Gaby Goldberg shared an article on social tokens that she wrote on the decentralized writing platform Mirror. In the article, she argues that “..Once we solve the Social Token Paradox, capital will no longer be the primary status symbol in web3…”. Read more about the Social Token Paradox here.

Watch This

Robert Hoogendoorn is the owner of Play To Earn online magazine and the head of content at Dappradar. We talked

Skeenee was one of the first crypto artists to issue their social money on Roll. We chat about his journey so far, his obsession with skulls, how social money can empower artists, and of course, $SKULL.

Make sure to watch through the episode on Youtube as there’s some $SKULL waiting for you in the form of a QR code!

Catch the episode on YoutubeAppleSpotify

Social Money Calendar

September 3, 09:00 UTC Blankos Friday on $1337 Discord.

September 3, 18:30 UTC NFT Live on $LADZ Discord.

September 4, 23:00 UTC Karaoke Night on $INI Discord.

September 5, 14:00 UTC $WHALE Turbo Poker on $WHALE Discord.

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Bye For Now

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This newsletter was sponsored by Sho (aka Kaseem Bristow) from Initia. Grab 50 $INI here or using the QR code above (only for the first 20 people).

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