Shepard Fairey and ObeyGiant Team Launch $OBEY

I consider myself an artist with an agenda to democratize art. I want to reach people through as many platforms as possible.

Shepard Fairey

We are beyond proud to announce the launch of $OBEY, a social token from Shepard Fairey and the ObeyGiant community. Help us celebrate with the twitter post and link below (and here):

As a teenager, I grew up skateboarding in and around New York City, jumping down 4-sets of stairs and (trying to) grind down handrails and ledges. At these sites, I often came across massive imagery of Andre the Giant wheat-pasted onto buildings, stuck onto street poles or slapped on the skateboards themselves.

The image of a piercing set of eyes with “OBEY” scrolled below often followed. I soon began to identify great skate spots by how many of these images were prevalent. It was the first significant trail of counterculture that I remember seeing as a teenager. We are thrilled to bring this culture and community to Web3 with the launch of $OBEY from Shepard and the folks at ObeyGiant.

The work of Shepard Fairey extends over three decades with a career starting at RISD where he began experimenting with street art campaigns in 1989. Many know Shepard as one of the most influential street artists of our time with images like “Andre” and “Obey”, but he’s also designed albums and artwork for a near-endless amount of acts, some of which include The Beastie Boys, Nirvana and Henry Rollins which we highlight in our announcement video.

As if evolving skate, graffiti and music culture weren’t enough, Shepherd’s activism led him to create one of the most iconic political images of the century so far in the Obama 2008 “HOPE” poster. Many consider his 10-story mural of Nelson Mandela overlooking Johannesburg as a sequel to the “HOPE” piece.

Thinking through $OBEY as a currency, Shepard and the ObeyGiant team are now able to experiment with community as a digital asset and reach even more people across entirely new platforms and infrastructure. Like all Roll tokens, $OBEY is minted directly on Ethereum and exists as a standalone ERC20 token that is interoperable with any other smart contract or application on the blockchain. This includes traditional Web2 platforms powered by Roll’s APIs and Web3 applications in the DeFi, NFT and DAO spaces.

You can view the contract address for $OBEY on Roll and etherscan. It has a max supply of 10MM $OBEY which will fully vest by November 2022. We’ll be celebrating the launch of $OBEY on our twitter and you can join the 10k strong ObeyGiant community on discord or follow along @ObeyGiant on twitter as well. There are some moments in Web3 that truly amaze me, this is one of them.

This is the beginning of a year where Roll will showcase how social tokens can upgrade the web with creators, new infrastructure and a whole host of platforms that we’ll be working with this year. We couldn’t be more excited.

PS: Probably a good idea to grab one of the team’s recent NFTs or Shep’s poster art in the next few weeks. 👁️ 👁️