How to Launch Your Roll Memberships

Roll Memberships Launch Playbook

Roll Memberships Launch Playbook

By launching a Roll Membership, you can develop deeper relationships with your community (especially your super fans). We’re excited to help you set up your Roll Membership campaign launch!

Phase 1: Customize Your Membership

Design your membership tiers

You know your audience and community better than anyone. Take some time to design the membership tiers that serve your community the best and consider the following: 

  • Number of lots
  • Number of tokens in each lot
  • Price per lot (in ETH) 
  • Number of tiers 
  • Number of phases
  • Amount of time for each phase
  • Benefits for each tier

Some ideas for tier benefits include:

  • Discord channels for super fans (token-gated)
  • Exclusive content, e.g. bonus content, behind-the-scenes, & bloopers (token-gated)
  • Early previews of upcoming content (token-gated)
  • Members-only email lists/newsletters
  • Q&As and AMAs
  • Digital gifts and rewards, e.g. coloring pages, token giveaways, & sponsor benefits
  • Shoutouts, e.g. being mentioned at the end of a video
  • Polls that enable fans to submit suggestions for future content
  • Discounts on physical merch
  • One-on-one private conversations
  • Live streaming & live chats with members
  • Airdrop special POAPs or NFTs for members over 3, 6, 12 months

Finalize membership tiers with the Roll team

It is important you communicate with our team to finalize your Membership inputs. The point of contact is Kou, Roll’s Head of Partnerships, who can be reached at [email protected].

You must also have decided on a general target or goal of how much treasury you want to generate from the launch.

Here’s a sample Membership input spreadsheet to play around with. 

Tell your story

It’s all about your story. Explain the why, how, and what your campaign and community is all about — such as answering the following questions:

  • Who are you? Who is your community?
  • What is your campaign about? 
  • Why are you launching a Membership? What are your goals?
  • How will your community benefit from a Membership?

Be creative in how you craft and present your narrative. Feel free to also pin or highlight the content somewhere so it’s easily viewable as a reference and for ease of access when resharing. For example, if video content is your forte, feel free to film a video showcasing your story and campaign and point fans towards your minting/campaign page.

💡Creator Tip: Seeking inspiration? Join Roll’s Discord private channel to brainstorm with other creators launching Memberships! 

Phase 2: Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Creating an allowlist is a great way to reward early supporters and ensure they get to mint when you launch your Membership. It also creates a sense of FOMO for your broader community, which builds both awareness and excitement. Getting early supporters on an allowlist also helps you gauge how interested people are in your project. 

Set up & schedule your giveaways 

When you run a giveaway, the most important thing to collect is their

  1. Discord ID, so you can mention / acknowledge them inside your Discord community.
  2. Wallet address, to upload onto the smart contract.

The majority of giveaways are organized through:

  • Twitter
  • Discord (especially games and contests)
  • Collabs with other projects

To learn more, here is a guide on how to set up giveaways on Mintparty.

Hand out POAPs at your events 

POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) are unique NFT badges given to attendees to prove their attendance at an event. Crypto and NFT communities give away these digital tokens to connect with their members and offer them exclusive benefits. 

Hosting a Twitter space? Streaming a big milestone on Twitch? Organizing a Discord event? Design and hand out POAPs to remember that epic event your community member has been part of and add them to your Membership allowlist once they collect the POAP.

We highly encourage you to host a Twitter space and handing out POAPs at it for your Roll Membership launch. To learn more, here is a guide on how to set up a POAP for your live event

Collab with other projects

Find other projects (on Roll and/or broader NFT campaigns) open to collaborations and get connected with the right contact for giveaways and partnerships. 

For context, NFT projects usually give x number of spots to a different NFT project. That NFT project will run a raffle to select members and give them whitelist spots to mint. By collaborating, both projects can cross-promote and grow their communities to new audience demographics.

Example: NFT project collab raffle in Discord

You can also automatically allow holders of top NFT projects to get access to mint your Memberships. 

Roll’s here to help as well! We’d love to collaborate and run some events together to get the word out for you. Reach out to us to jam on joint Twitter Space with Roll!

Design your marketing graphics

You can’t market your campaign without eye-popping graphics. Get them ready by designing images and assets that match your personality, color scheme, and overall community vibe.

Example: Marketing graphics

Phase 3: Time to Launch Publicly!

Make the announcement

At this point, you have customized your Membership, set a Membership launch date, and planned all the events and giveaways. Now it’s time to finally announce your exciting plans to your community and all over social media! 

Giveaway tweets like this NFT giveaway have done well historically:

Be sure to tag Roll (@tryrollhq on Twitter and Instagram) on all your social media so we can further amplify your announcements 📈

Keep your community engaged 

It’s important to build excitement around your Membership launch. Some suggestions for keeping your community active and engaged about the launch include:

  • Reply to every comment, quote tweet, and reaction on your announcement posts
  • Drop all links and information in your Discord
  • Host fun events, like trivia nights and game nights

Craft a PR Plan

It’s all about public exposure and reach at this point. Some ideas for creating a PR plan are:

  • Plan your email outreach language ahead of time. Make your story and goals clear. 
  • Pitch your story to journalists and publications to see if they’d want to feature your Memberships launch. Start with local journalists, newsletters and publications you read, and any journalists and publications you have previously worked with.
  • Reach out to web3 thought leaders to give you a shout-out during the token minting period.

Phase 4: Launch Your Membership Smart Contract

Deploy your contract with the Roll team

It’s time to deploy your smart contract, but triple check everything before you do so:

  • Are all your inputs set correctly?
  • Do you have the right amount of tokens in your Metamask wallet?
  • If you need to transfer out of your Roll wallet, give us a heads up at least a week before the official launch date.

Make sure to schedule a time with our team if you want live support when you deploy the contract — we are here for you throughout the entire process.

Set up tiered token-gated channels in Discord

Make sure your Discord has set up tiered token-gated channels for your community members after they claim their Memberships, so they feel excited and welcome to be one of your super fans.

Keep your community informed

  1. Cater to your allowlist: Inform the community members who are on your allowlist ahead of time about their status. 
  2. Publicize your mint schedule: Ensure your community knows the mint schedule, for both the allowlist and the public launch.
  3. Break down the process: Provide a step-by-step guide for your community on how to select different tiers and claim tokens.

Maintain the social media buzz

It’s possible your Memberships will not sell out, but don’t get discouraged. Some campaigns can run for 6-12 months for people to claim all the Memberships. 

The important thing to keep in mind is to maintain your momentum and excitement around your Membership. Keep introducing your project and actively engaging your existing community. Be creative in your marketing strategy elements — and let us know so we can learn and work with you to grow your community!

Your Roll Membership Launch TLDR

✅ Design your Membership tiers (and work with Roll team to do so).

✅ Tell your story in your campaign.

✅ Set up giveaways with Mintparty and hand out POAPs at live events.

✅ Collab with other projects.

✅ Design all marketing assets needed for launch.

✅ Make your public announcements.

✅ Craft a PR plan.

✅ Deploy your smart contract.

✅ Set up tiered token-gated channels in Discord.

✅ Don’t feel discouraged, keep up the momentum!