Humans of Social Money with TJ Bear of DOLLIE

“My name is TJ, also known as ‘Dollie Daddy’ in the Dollies community. Last year I was just a hobbyist music artist, digital designer, and gaming content creator. I worked in management for a cannabis processing company for a day job but still struggled to make ends meet.

This year I’ve embarked on a new journey as a full-time NFT artist, metaverse builder, and P2E gaming content creator. Web3 has allowed me to start living the life of my dreams. I want to help as many people do the same as possible, and surround myself with a like-minded tribe. Dollies started as one artist’s experiment to learn about the NFT space but is evolving into a growing community of similar enthusiasts and an ongoing adventure into the world of web3.

The Dollie Tribe is a community discovering and learning about web3 gaming and music together, sharing alpha and information, supporting builders and creatives, and having fun. I think social tokens have a lot of untapped potential for more interactive and engaging community building for NFT projects.

Use $DOLLIE social tokens to get your Dollie NFT

In the Dollies community you can spend the $DOLLIE tokens you earn on collectible NFT music or art that unlocks more utility and community access. I’m also working on building several Dollies games and experiences across different metaverses, and eventually I want to turn full control of the future of the Dollies brand over to the community in the form of a DAO.

Anyone interested in NFTs and web3 gaming and music is welcome to join the Dollies community! I do frequent Twitch livestreams and I’m gearing up to start releasing regular YouTube content as well. The Dollies Discord server is open for anyone to join, however some channels are exclusive for Dollie holders.