🥛 The Glass is More Than Half Full

With Bitcoin pricing stuck under $40k and Ethereaum under $3K there has been a lot of talk about being in another “Crypto Winter.” But day to day we’re seeing a pretty bullish sentiment from social token creators and those working to build in web3. How do we make sense of price dips and high enthusiasm? 

This thread from @yurylifshits about the culture of web3 explains what a lot of us are thinking. Yes, we love the technology, but the important change is cultural:

“What critics and supporters of web3 both get wrong is that its main breakthrough is in culture, not technology…” Read the full thread here.

Of course there are those that remain skeptical. It was disappointing to see the early decentralized community of Wikipedia reject the mere idea of cryptocurrency so strongly. But with the recent rash of DeFi exploits that is feeling more and more like an outlier position as companies like Apple start looking at crypto (based on a crypto-related job posting), and other companies adopt crypto as a competitive advantage, like the recent announcement from Opera that their native web3 browser and wallet is coming to iOS.

It’s easy to skim headlines and be discouraged, but when you remain focused on community it’s clear that the builders in web3 are still doing the hard work every single day to bring change. From our position where we interact with hundreds of creators in the space every day the glass is clearly more than half full. 

Who’s On A Roll

You! Are you looking to enter the world of web3 full time? Here at Roll we’re hiring for a Community Manager to serve as a trusted point of contact to the creators of social tokens and support them on their journey. Read more about getting a role at Roll here!

Another first from Harrison First! He’s working with Decent.xyz on a new opportunity allowing community members to stake his music NFTs as a way to earn his social token $FIRST. 

Take Up Space made their big announcement about $TUS with a call to all changemakers! As a community that was initially built with the launch of the Changemaker NFTs, they are using their social token as a way to expand membership and create more utility in the community.

📣 Announcement 📣

Uniswap announced the launch of their Swap Widget, which allows people to seamlessly swap tokens anywhere on the web. You can try this out on any social token page on Roll with a market. Just click “Buy Now” to activate!

The big NFT news is Coinbase has launched the beta of their NFT marketplace and OpenSea announced they have acquired the NFT marketplace aggregator Gem.

Watch This

Really great video from Joe Grand who documented his hack of a hardware wallet to recover $2 million!

Listen Up 

Are you wondering what is up with the Ethereum merge and how it will shape the future of the network? Tim Beiko, the Ethereum Foundation coordinator for core developers, dives into the best explanation on the Unchained podcast hosted by Laura Shin.

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