Some Interesting Things with Social Money (so far)

We launched Roll about 9 months ago and have reached over 150 communities that have issued their own social money. Over this time, we’ve seen some incredibly innovative ways in which people have used social money. Here are just some of them.

Reward the first few watchers of your videos (Instagram live in this case)

Early access to YouTube videos for your social money holders (curating your true fans)

Reward and retain your Patreon subscribers with social money

Sell your art on OpenSea

See other projects integrate your social money as payment mechanism on OpenSea

Send your followers on a treasure hunt

Collaborate with some puzzle craftsmen and create VR puzzles in Cryptovoxels and reward your community that solves these

Sign your name on a shoutout wall in VR, and then have the whole thing converted to an NFT art piece!

Starting a newsletter? Get more subscribers!

Get people rushing to open your newsletter as soon as it arrives!

Go to a VR world installation to earn your social money

Stream social money on Sablier

Have your followers check out a brand new installation on your website

Hide social money on your website pages so people check out all the pages you’ve built

Introduce people to ENS and incentivize them to use it

Collaborations between people in completely different genres

Get a plane ride!

Digi-physical streetwear

Get your community to start hacking on cool projects

Bring new stakeholders into your life

Answer a question from your fans

Fan signs for your top supporters

Sustainable livelihood around art creation

Buy Marblecards

Reward your top collectors

Reward honest art critique from your followers so you can better hone your craft

Staking rewards for adding liquidity on Uniswap

Social media engagement rewards

Collector rewards

Just say Merry Christmas

Starting a new YouTube? Get viewers by hiding social money QR codes in your videos

Trivia with your followers

Support a friend

Have your followers check you out on multiple platforms

Give your bidders a push to go the extra mile

Just say thank you

Money printer going BRR?

Get feedback from fans

If all money becomes worthless, you can switch to $DOOM

Get creative services from a senior artist

Experiential art (involve your audience in your art and performance)

Proof of HODL

Winner of a bidding war

As a form of gratitude

Amazing collaboration between an artist and a wordsmith (

Access to a private Discord channel (WGM)

Payment for virtual skateshop maintenance

Swag for your supporters

Build an amazing paper toy

Delight your fans with a sticker pack

Show some love to your bidders

Reward supporters for buying at buy-now prices instead of placing bids

Social video shoutout from an artist you follow

Have your followers join your stream early and get the party started

Make your streamer dress up as Woody from Toy Story

Get an ergonomic gaming chair

Buy some Crypto Space Commanders

Earn for watching play to earn crypto games

“Cashback” rewards for your subscribers and watchers

Get your pitch decks and fundraising material reviewed

Promo composability!

Ledger Nano drops

Gain market intelligence from your followers

Subscribe to Defi’s most amazing newsletter

Attend a Meta Cartel meetup on Kickback by staking social money

New Twitter account? Get those early followers!

Get people to use your product, and reward them for active participation

Crowdfund for a potential move to Silicon Valley and build a “personal board of advisors” with skin in the game

Reward early subscribers

Attend Meetups (now virtual)

Live auction of an NFT art, itself time slotted via an auction on microsponsors

Currency backed by physical art

Want more people in your VR launch party? Use social money to reward the attendees