Social Money Times #7

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The NFT hype doesn’t stop, huh. By the time you read this the Christie’s Beeple auction should be almost over. It’s already at $13.25 million, so it’s anyone’s guess where it’s going to end up. But NFTs aren’t the only game in town. Fungibility has some things going for it, too! Welcome to Social Money Times #7! Latest below: 

Who’s On A Roll

1️⃣ $POWER Player. Terry Crews has officially dropped $POWER, his social currency that’s centered around a community of artists, innovators, and influencers. Crews told TechCrunch that people will be able to earn $POWER through NFT drops, live experiences, community participation, and more. “This is bigger than me. This is the new future,” he told Techcrunch. Follow Terry to get the latest on $POWER and steps to join the community. 

2️⃣ $GREY Matter. What connects A$AP Rocky, Sotheby’s and Kendall, and Kylie? The artist Robert Gallardo, who has worked with all of the above. Now he’s launched $GREY, a social currency for The Grey Area, a “think tank, resource library, and rare photo archive.” Drop your favorite Basquiat images, grab a font or just immerse yourself in the mood board in the Grey Area Discord, with 50 $GREY—but you have to DM Robert on Twitter to get it. A$AP Mob member A$AP Twelvy is already on board.

3️⃣ $WHALE Splash. The mammoth of the seas hit $6.8 million in liquidity last week, an all-time high that has surely been fueled by the continuing NFT craze. Be sure to check out the pseudonymous WhaleShark with his super cool VTuber avatar to discuss NBA Topshots, collecting NFTs, and how $WHALE works in this interview with the Action Network’s Darren Rovell from last week.

New Money

$OSINA Drop. The artist Osinachi dropped 80,000 $OSINA to eight randomly selected accounts who quoted his latest SuperRare drop. 

$NRMN’s New Normal. NORMAN® is a comic strip by the cartoonist Aaron Gombar, and $NRMN is its accompanying “internet funny money.” This liquidity-pool party is just getting started! 

The $HERO We Deserve. The Bad Crypto podcast guys dropped $HERO last month, with liquidity growing steadily.  

The $ABST Vault Opens. The artist Jeff Davis is seeding his $ABST Vault with a cool mechanism: He’ll collect your art in his vault, but he has to pay you in $ABST. Just drop a link in this Twitter thread

$BAEPAY Social Mining. People who have uploaded artwork to the Blockchain Art Exchange should have been rewarded in $BAEPAY tokens. It’s the social money twist on liquidity mining.

Earn Your $JAKE. Coin of Jake has dropped, to complement the Pod of Jake and the Blog of Jake. There’s no way to buy it yet, but Jake promises earning opportunities aplenty. Watch out for those earn codes!

$SKULL Stencils. Social money OG Skeenee broke out his spray cans and stencils to create some physical art to go with an upcoming $SKULL NFT drop. Check out this preview.

Roll Academy

Social money rewards. All creators on Roll have a page where you can see what you can spend their social money on.

  • Go to your wallet. From your dashboard, click on “Wallet”.
  • Select social money. Select the card of the social money you want to see the rewards for.
  • Click on “Rewards”. You’ll be taken to that token’s landing page. Click on “Rewards”
  • Scroll. Scroll down to see to see all the rewards a creator is offering.

Some creators might have things listed for their social money on OpenSea. Enable the “View OpenSea Rewards” toggle so you can see those rewards too!

Learn more at our FAQ. What do you want to see in Roll Academy? Tell us. 📩

Humans of Social Money: Joel and Travis of $HERO

“We’ve been eating, breathing, and sleeping crypto for almost four years while doing the “Bad Crypto” podcast, and really gone down the NFT rabbit hole since January 2020. Now we are leading content creators in the space and having a blast! We’ve managed to build a community around several of our brands and outlets. From “The Bad Crypto Podcast” to “Blockchain Heroes,” the people who follow our work are very engaged with us. We wanted to find a way to deepen that engagement and reward loyal fans. $HERO is the culmination of the attempt to build a relationship with our audience and provide unique experiences for them with $HERO.” — Travis (aka TeeDubya) and Joel, hosts of the Bad Crypto Podcast. Join them on Discord by holding 50 $HERO.

Are you a creator or part of a social money community? Tell us what it’s like to be one of the Humans of Social Money. Ping us! 📩


Pollinations are squads collaborating across the social money ecosystem.

Jake and Alex’s Excellent Adventure. Jake, the creator of Pod of Jake and the $JAKE social money, is tokenizing an episode of his podcast where he interviews Alex Masmej, the now infamous issuer of $ALEX and founder of the NFT social network Showtime. It’s on sale (current bid: 0.6 WETH)  and the winning bidder gets a pot of $JAKE and $ALEX. Most excellent!

By The Numbers 

11.5% – The distance to $WHALE’s all-time high of $40.47. 

819% – Return on $WHALE over roughly 45 days

$6 million – The amount raised by Grimes from sales of 10 NFTs

$11.7 million – The amount raised by 3LAU from sales of 33 NFTs

4,200 – The amount of ETH spent on Punk 7804 by buyer 0xf4b4a5. 

3,782% – Return on B20, a fractionalised Beeple NFT collection, over 30 days.

Feb 23 –  When “NBA Top Shot” passed “blockchain” in Google search interest.

Required Tweeting

Peter Yang, Reddit’s creator product lead, put together a comprehensive guide to social tokens for creators. He covered some of the most prominent questions in the creator economy space using some of our favorite Roll creators like $CHERRY, $WHALE, and $ALEX as examples.

Watch This

We sat down with Mac Reddin, the co-founder, and CEO of Commsor, a community operating system for brands. We dive into what it means to be a community-led company, how brands will interact with social money, and Mac’s new initiative called C-school. Check out the episode on YoutubeApple, and Spotify

One Thing We Learned This Week…

“The next generation of social platforms will natively integrate social crypto-like NFTs and social money. This will give them an instant edge against the slower moving incumbents and a wide canvas to innovate and differentiate themselves.”  — @Sid

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Social Money Calendar

March 12, 22:00 UTC Metaverse Makers, Movers & Shakers with Rudem00se and MH100k on $WHALE Discord.

March 12, 00:00 UTC The BIG Crypto Game Show with Sho on $INI Discord.

March 13 22:00 UTC LADZ Poker on $LADZ Discord.

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