Social Money Times #5

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I guess Elon wasn’t kidding when he said he was into Bitcoin. While Tesla loads up on cryptocurrency, spare a thought for the guy who spent 91.4 BTC on a Tesla back in 2013 — that’s worth over $4 million today. Let’s see who’s been on a roll the past few weeks, this is the Social Money Times!

Who’s on a Roll

1️⃣ Crews Control. The multi-talented Terry Crews seems to be… on a roll these days (sorry, we couldn’t resist). More from the acclaimed actor, comedian, artist, game show host, and all-around star coming soon.

2️⃣ User-Generated Capital. You’ve heard of user-generated content, right? It’s enabled a massive creator economy, where fans sling “likes” and views as a form of currency to their favorite TikTokers or YouTubers. There’s just one catch: the platforms, not the creators, capture a ton of that value. We wrote a guest post for Ryan Selkis’ Messari to explain how user-generated capital is the answer.

3️⃣ Mark Cuban’s Crypto Collectibles Craze. The Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner is bullish on NFTs and crypto-collectibles — like, seriously bullish. He argued in a blog post that a new generation of consumers understands that crypto tokens are a store of value the same way Picasso or rare trading cards are viewed as scarce objects.

New Money

Watch out for the 💯 emoji which tells you a social money has hit $100,000 in liquidity. We call this “The 100K Club”.

💯💯💯$FAMILY sized. The Bitcoin Family’s social money community crossed $300,000 in liquidity on Uniswap at the top of the month. Come to papa!

💯💯$MORK maxis. The Hackatao art duo’s social money $MORK found over $200,000 in liquidity on Uniswap this month. Podmork is pleased!

$FIRST goals. Musician Harrison First’s social money community hit $20,000 in liquidity on Uniswap earlier this month. But more importantly, his community hit its new year’s goal — that’s a first we can get behind. Join the $FIRST discord here

$HUE-storic journey. Social money pioneer Connie Digital dropped a $HUE earn code in a post detailing his journey through cryptos and NFTs from 2013.

MakerDAO for Everything. Kerman Kohli, of $KERMAN fame, set out to create “MakerDAO for everything” with his new project, ARC. He promised 1% of Arc tokens to $KERMAN holders. Now, ARC is finally ready for launch.
 Web3 Post-punk from Automatic. Buy merch or listen to a live stream of L.A. band Automatic to earn $SIGNAL tokens, all orchestrated by $WHALE’s vault manager Samsonite. Automatic is a post-punk band signed to Stones Throw Records. Buy a ticket to their livestream tonight here to grab some $SIGNAL.  

Roll Academy

Adding social links to your token page. We recently added a way for creators to link all their social profiles on their token page. 

  • Go to your wallet. From your dashboard, click on “Wallet” to see your social money’s card.
  • Click on the card. Clicking on your social money card will redirect you to your token’s page.
  • Add social links. Click on “Add Social Links” button on the right hand side, select the kind of link you want to add from the dropdown menu and paste the link on the input field. 

If you’re active on many different social platforms, it’s always a good idea to link to all of them.

Learn more at our FAQ. What do you want to see in Roll Academy? Tell us. 📩

Humans of Social Money: Jeff Davis of $ABST

“I decided to create ABSTRACT after I saw all the excitement surrounding the UNI airdrop. I thought to myself, I want to do that for my collectors! So I established ABSTRACT ($ABST) with Roll and unleashed a surprise airdrop at the end of my Abstract Tokens project. I sent $ABST to everyone who collected artwork from the series, plus I sent it retroactively to anyone who was in possession of one of my artworks. The response was amazing, and everyone was able to shop for exclusive artwork at The ABSTRACT Store.” – Jeff Davis (Twitter)

Tell us what it’s like to be one of the Humans of Social Money. Ping us! 📩

By The Numbers

$761,889 – The dollar value of the 605 ETH that changed hands for the most expensive CryptoPunks sale ever on Jan. 25.

2,673 – The number of Top Shot Series 2 Holo packs sold within 30 minutes of their release, for a dollar value of $2.6 million in all. 

100,000% – Return on investment on the Hashmasks #1 NFT booked by the artist “874C44” on Feb. 1 after selling it for $130,000 worth of ETH.

$11.7 million – Total value of cryptoart sold in January, according to

$1,223 – The average price of a piece of cryptoart since April 2018, according to

24,571 – The number of SoRare football NFTs that changed hands in the last month, according to

Required Tweeting

Social money enthusiast Niko paraphrases Chris Dixon’s 2010 essay that observed how disruptive technologies in the internet age tend to start out looking like playthings. 

Watch This

Nathan Schneider is a professor at the University of Colorado – Boulder, and author of several books on social movement and cooperative economics. He is spearheading a way of thinking about ownership in startups called Exit to Community. Hear our wide-ranging conversation with him in the 11th episode of Roll Radio (AppleYoutubeSpotify).

📣 Announcement 📣 

We are hiring a Blockchain Engineer. 40 submissions. Looking at a few candidates but pass along if you know anyone! $10k in crypto if you refer someone that we hire.

One Thing We Learned This Week…

“Having a variety of use cases for social money is great for all participants. It means there are users with different motivations and time preferences, which makes the overall economy more robust.”   — @Sid

Social Money Calendar

Daily DJ Kelly Green hosts a daily live show on the BigO app. Follow her there to get 10 $GREEN. 

Feb 13, 0000 UTC LADZ Gamenight on Discord.

Feb 13, 1300 UTC $WHALE Kids Origami Class on Discord.

Feb 24, 1700 UTC Social Tokens 101: An RNG Guide for the Uninitiated on Discord.

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