SKULL from Skeenee is now listed on Uniswap

The next social money listing on the social money exchange is SKULL, an open community created by tattoo and crypto artist Skeenee. Working as a tattoo artist in the Maranchel suburb of Madrid, Skeenee dived into Cryptoart in early 2019.

Now widely known in the Cryptoart community, Skeenee has used SKULL to incentivize and reward his open community on platforms like Makersplace, KnownOrigin, SuperRare, Opensea, Cent, Twitter and Discord.

We’ve seen Skeenee use SKULL to open up a virtual gallery in cryptovoxels…

Create a digital shoutout wall for the launch of SKULL…

Start conversations around his art and announce collaborations with other artists (#CryptoSkateboards!).

SKULL can be used to purchase unique cryptoart by Skeenee, his growing collection of Marblecards, shoutouts in his newsletter and much more.

Some stats on the SKULL economy:

  • Over 1MM SKULL have been distributed on over 300 wallets across Roll, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Discord.
  • 440,000 SKULL have been spent to purchase rewards on Opensea and Roll
  • There is a fixed supply of 10MM SKULL
  • There are currently 3.8MM SKULL in circulation

The remaining 6.2MM SKULL will be vested in about 200,000 SKULL increments monthly over the next 32 months.

You can buy SKULL here and view all contributions to the SKULL Uniswap pool here.

If you’d like to be a liquidity provider (LP) for SKULL on Uniswap, follow these steps (video as well) and contribute your SKULL and ETH by clicking here.

If you have SKULL and don’t know the contract address, you can find it here on Etherscan.

Over the past three months, Skeenee has created an incredible open community with SKULL, we’re excited to see what he does next!