Julien Bouteloup, MD of Stake Capital lists $JULIEN on the social money exchange

$JULIEN, created by Julien Bouteloup is now live on the Roll social money exchange.

Julien is the Founder and Managing Director of Stake Capital, a blockchain-based investment firm and staking service for leading blockchain protocols.

Since minting $JULIEN last month on the Roll protocol, Julien has been building an open community over the Twitter platform…

Physically dropping of ledgers with $JULIEN inside…

Chatting it up with future social money hall of famer ConnieDigital to swap some $HUE for $JULIEN

And soon taking staking tokens to the next level by socially staking $JULIEN for exclusive rewards.

Some stats on the $JULIEN economy:

  • 100,000 $JULIEN have been distributed on over 85 wallets across Roll, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Discord.
  • There is a fixed supply of 10MM $JULIEN
  • There are 3.4MM $JULIEN currently in circulation

The remaining 6.6MM $JULIEN will be vested in about 200,000 $JULIEN increments monthly over the next 33 months.

You can buy $JULIEN on Roll here using ETH, DAI, USDC or any of the tokens listed on the exchange.

If you’d like to be a liquidity provider (LP) for $JULIEN on Uniswap, follow these steps (video as well) and contribute your $JULIEN and ETH by clicking here.

If you have $JULIEN and don’t know the contract address, you can find it here on Etherscan.

Julien is one of the first investors to have his own social money and we’re already hearing through the grapevine that he has some big plans for $JULIEN holders.

This is a pretty exciting week for Roll and we’re glad to welcome Julien to the Roll fam!